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‘1883’ Star Isabel May Recalls Sam Elliott’s ‘Tombstone’ Stories.

As Elsa Dutton, Isabel May is the voice of 1883. It is through her that we experience the majority of the story, even when she isn’t narrating.

Since the beginning of the show, she has been a huge bright spot among many great stars. Her story is one of innocence and learning. Looking at the world with fresh eyes and a heart that at times is probably too big and a mind that is too trusting. May, the actress herself, has been enjoying the experience.

In interviews and other behind-the-scenes moments, you can tell how much the young actress loves being on 1883. She has been big about praising her costars including Faith Hill and Sam Elliott. During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter May talked about Elliott and says she heard some interesting stories.

“When we were in Montana and we were all staying at the same place, we had late nights where he told us really interesting stories,” May said. “They were all positive, by the way, but it’s one of those strange things where you sit down and go, ‘I’m listening to the iconic Sam Elliott talk about an interaction he had on the iconic Tombstone.’ So that was pretty damn cool; I can’t lie.”

The 1883 star continued. “And it was fun to see how intrigued Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill] were while listening to him as well. They’ve had their own iconic lives and experiences, and they can casually talk about iconic people that they’re friends with as well. So watching them listen to Sam Elliott tell stories with big, wide kid eyes, googly eyes, was really amusing. It was almost more entertaining to watch Fiat and Tim take it all in … Almost,” she said laughing.


‘1883’: Is Elsa Dutton Pregnant?

Elsa Dutton fell in love with Ennis very quickly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to last. Ennis was gunned down by bandits in the last episode. However, the two shared a very special night together before his death. While that sounds sweet and nice, it could mean more problems for Elsa and company if she is pregnant.

Isabel May talked about that possibility. She said, “I don’t know [if she is pregnant], I can’t say. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? You’ll find out this Sunday, I suppose. That question may or may not be answered. This is me trying to be [a] trickster, to be coy!”

Well, it sure would make things a lot more interesting. Elsa being pregnant could present a lot of problems. It is hard enough for a non-pregnant person to make the journey West. Add on the delicate nature of carrying a baby nine months and it makes things almost seem impossible. This Sunday’s episode of 1883 might give us some idea of ​​what to expect.


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