‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Rip This Character For ‘Annoying’ Anger Issues

Every police procedural needs at least one hot head. From Law & Order to Criminal Minds to NCIS, no gripping TV drama is complete without the occasional blow-up or “unorthodox” (typically meaning violent) handling of a particularly despicable criminal. In Blue Bloods, that character is Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg).

The hit crime drama wastes no time whatsoever in illustrating this point. In the middle of the pilot episode, in fact, Danny smashes a suspect’s face into a toilet while searching for a missing child. And while this method does produce the desired result, it also creates tension between Danny and his fellow NYPD officials. Specifically between Danny and his sister, Erin, who works for the District Attorney.

In a 2017 interview celebrating the 150th episode of Blue Bloods, Donnie Wahlberg explained how he approached playing such a volatile character. “I’m playing [Danny Reagan],” he said. “I’m playing a police officer who’s in a tough situation, whose life is on the line every day, who sometimes walks a very delicate line to get justice.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Discuss Danny Reagan’s ‘Annoying’ Anger Issues

Of all the fantastic characters on Blue Bloods, Danny Reagan is a favorite among fans. His extreme actions, however, can be jarring for some, especially considering he rarely faces consequences for his actions. Additionally, his father, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) always seems to be on his side.

Feeling a little disturbed by the oftentimes unstable detective, a newcomer to the Blue Bloods fandom approached longtime viewers for insight into the future of the character in a recent Reddit thread.

“Danny’s anger issues are quite annoying,” they wrote. “He doesn’t get ANY consequences for behaving the way he does and it’s happening more and more frequently. So does the show ever acknowledge it? Does he get consequences? Does he change? Will he go to therapy and find better ways to cope with his anger?”

“I like Danny,” they added later in the thread. “But him getting away with everything is lazy writing if Jamie gets consequences for handling ONE thing not like he was supposed to.”

To the new fan’s relief, Blue Bloods enthusiasts assured them that, despite his flaws, they would undoubtedly come to love the Police Commissioner’s eldest son. “I strongly disliked Danny at the beginning of the show. He was my least favorite character, but I enjoy his character more now. I don’t want to spoil anything specific, but he does improve,” one fan wrote.

“He does have some major character development as the seasons progress,” another said. “It’ll be addressed throughout the seasons,” added a third. “And you will come to find out some of the reasons for it. Not that it excuses it, but it does explain it. Only some of the reasons.”


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