Chuck Norris: He Still Doesn’T Know His Grandson Was Booted From Claim To Fame For Cheating

After being eliminated on tonight’s series premiere of Claim to Fame, Maxwell Norris tells EW that he still hasn’t broken the news to his grandpa.

We’ve all heard the (fictional) facts about Chuck Norris and his legendary toughness: Chuck Norris beat the sun in a staring contest. Chuck Norris doesn’t breathe — he holds air hostage. Chuck Norris makes onions cry. And so on.

Well, after the premiere of ABC’s reality TV series Claim to Fame, it might be time to add a new show to the list: Chuck Norris is so intimidating, even his grandson is afraid to tell him that he got caught cheating.

Claim to Fame pits 12 celebrity relatives against each other in a competition to discover who each of their fellow contestants is related to — while at the same time keeping the name of their own famous family member a secret. Every week, one player is put on the spot as “the guesser” — and if they can’t successfully identify another contestant’s star connection, they are eliminated. The last fame-adjacent contestant standing wins $100,000.

On tonight’s premiere, Maxwell Norris — grandson of Walker, Texas Ranger himself, Chuck Norris — got sent packing, but it wasn’t because he failed to make a correct guess. In fact, another contestant, Pepper, was about to try to guess Maxwell’s identity when the producers called a halt to the proceedings and asked hosts Kevin and Frankie Jonas to step off set. When cameras started rolling again, the Jonas brothers revealed that Maxwell was being disqualified for using a secret cell phone that he had hidden in his belongings — a clear violation of the show’s “no electronic devices” rule.

With that, the hosts revealed Maxwell’s “claim to fame”: His Papa, Chuck Norris! The surprise twist saved Pepper from being sent home, because her planned guess — she was just sure Max’s celebrity relative was Steven Spielberg — was way, way off.

Maxwell, who mentioned earlier in the episode that he hadn’t yet told his famous grandpa that he was appearing on Claim to Fame, looked sheepish upon being exposed. “Hi Papa,” he mumbled. “It’s going to be tough explaining this one.” Joked his fellow contestant Logan, “I’d be nervous to go home to my grandfather, and my grandfather isn’t even Chuck Norris! So good luck. Have fun, Max.”

Okay, so how did Chuck Norris react when he finally found out that his grandson got the boot for cheating? EW reached out to Max Norris for an update, and… well, it seems that he hasn’t yet worked up the courage to break the news to his dear old granddad.

“I have not told my grandpa that I will be on Claim to Fame,” said Max in a statement. “I’ll let you know when he does end up watching and share any reaction he may have to my brief appearance. Most kids don’t want to disappoint their grandparents, and no one wants to disappoint Chuck Norris!”


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