Clint Eastwood, an acting legend who made a major contribution to the Western genre.

Clint Eastwood is an acting legend, not least of all because of his iconic roles in the Western movie genre. Here’s all his Western films, ranked.

He transforms flexibly in each role.

A name virtually synonymous with the Western genre, Clint Eastwood has starred in many all-time classic Western moviesĀ  , but how do they rank from worst to best?

Many cowboy movies made his name.

With an acting and directing career spanning over half a century, Eastwood has contributed immensely to cinema with an expansive filmography covering everything from Spaghetti Westerns to Hollywood crime thrillers to sports dramas.

with a series of “top” performances.

What’s most impressive is how consistently great and well-regarded his films have been over the course of his multi-decade career, even as the actor-director continues making movies into his nineties.

Regardless of the variety of his films, Eastwood’s legacy is more or less firmly established in his foundation as a Western film actor. Aside from his uncredited roles in a few creature features, comedy-dramas, and cowboy flicks of the ’50s .

The first of three films in Eastwood and Leone’s Dollars Trilogy. In honor their relationship, when Eastwood won his first Academy Award for 1992’s Unforgiven, he dedicated the movie to Leone.