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Clint Eastwood’s Son Scott Shows Off Wildly Impressive Catch On Fishing Trip

Son of legendary actor Clint Eastwood, and actor in his own right, Scott Eastwood took to Instagram to show off an impressive catch from a recent fishing trip. The Tuesday morning post coincided with the popular dinner tradition of Taco Tuesday. Looks like Eastwood put fish tacos on the menu using his fresh catch.


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His more than four million followers discussed the delicious catch and even offered to cook them up for the actor. “Firing up the grill….. bring the beer and the fish,” wrote one user.

“Nice! Good job! Start cleaning them and fire up the grill for fish tacos!!!! Woot!” said another hungry fan.

The incredible catch seems to be a fish called Dorado. Also known as the “dodo”. “Nice dodo!! They make the yummy tacos!” pointed out another user.

Scott Eastwood’s Famous Father

Scott Eastwood is of course the son of famed actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood. He stopped by the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast and took a chance to describe what it was like growing up with such an iconic figure as a father.

“Speaking to my dad, it’s like there’s a wealth of knowledge in Fort Knox,” Scott said. “And you’re just trying to like pull little slivers out when you speak to him. Because he’ll just say things casually like ‘yeah…’ and everyone shuts the f*** up at dinner, you know, finally he’s about to say something.

“And then he’ll say, ‘well you know back in the ‘60s I was with Frank Sinatra at that place at that time. Oh yeah, and we met her and we did this thing’ and you go ‘wait, what? Did you just say you were with Frank Sinatra?’ Like ‘stop, stop, more, give us more,’ and he’ll be on to something else and you can’t get it out of him.”

Scott called his father a “bigger than life character” who’s “more complex than what you see” in his movies.

“He’s—there’s a lot of nuance. It’s like humans. I’m sure that things people think about you [Rogan] because of whatever, and they’re like ‘oh well, he’s just this thing.’ They don’t know about your personal life. They don’t know about how you are with your kids. Or how you think esoterically about things, you know, when you’re speaking to your wife. He’s like much different than just that. He’s got a lot of shades, and he’s very, I think, middle-of-the-road on a lot of things. He looks at issues and says ‘well this is that,’ and ‘this is that,’ maybe there’s a middle ground.”

Scott Eastwood keeps a busy schedule as an actor. He’s set to reprise his role in the Fast & Furious franchise with the next installment, Fast X. He also acted in the recent romantic comedy from Amazon Prime, I Want You Back, which received very positive reviews.


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