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Frustrated By Yellowstone Season 5? Tulsa King Is Your Solace

With the Yellowstone fandom mourning the downfall of their favorite show in season 5, there is still good news for them. It turns out that Taylor Sheridan’s new project, Tulsa King, is just good enough a solace for someone tormented by Yellowstone’s storytelling misfortunes.

Led by Sylvester Stallone as boomer gangster honcho Dwight Manfredi, Tulsa King is something you need to tune in to right now if Yellowstone’s lack of action drives you mad for six episodes already. At least that’s what a lot of Yellowstone fans have already done.

“I’ll be honest, I usually watch this after Yellowstone, and watching something where the plot is actually building toward a climax rather than just meandering through tired storylines is refreshing. Really enjoying this show, and it proves Sheridan is still a great storyteller when he’s focused and determined,” Redditor HereComesChrist said.

Sheridan is the creator of Tulsa King, with Terence Winter serving as the showrunner. For Stallone, it is the first time when he is leading a scripted television series. His character is a Mafia capo just out of jail who gets “banished” to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and tries to set up a new business there, and by “business” we mean that very business that got him into jail in the first place.


The show premiered on November 13, and less than two weeks after the premiere, it was renewed for another season after enjoying tremendous success among fans. According to social media, Tulsa King is “the best thing on television right now”.

“Stallone is really getting to show his acting chops. Sheridan has made his role pretty fantastic [in my opinion]. It’s not just “play a tough guy and show no real emotions”. Almost every episode shows some new side of Dwight and [Stallone] plays it perfectly,” Redditor TruTexan noted.


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