Kevin Costner once sold the “ideal, beautiful” land for nearly $60 million.

The actor from The Hidden Figures and Field of Dreams is listing as expensive a property as a house. Kevin Costner is giving up a beautiful property on the California coast.

views over the Pacific Ocean and nearby Santa Barbara Mountains.

The Hidden Figures actor has listed his property near Montecito with Coldwell Banker Luxury for $60 million. This beautiful property sits on the edge of a dramatic area with views of the Pacific Ocean and the nearby Santa Barbara Mountains.

The land is wide and long, the terrain is favorable, many artists have dreamed of owning a house with such terrain.

A buyer willing to pay the steep asking price will have access to a little over 10 bucolic acres

A listing company representative suggested the Field of Dreams star’s property is great for surfing enthusiasts, as the site offers private access to a secluded beach.

Buyers willing to pay the highest price will have access to more than 10 acres of land, ideal for horseback riding or hiking.