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Kevin Costner Reflects on ‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Anniversary: ‘One of My Favorite Projects’.

Of all the accomplishments that Kevin Costner has on the big and small screen, Hatfields & McCoys might be one of the coolest. The Yellowstone star is a big fan of history. Studying it, and portraying it in his work. He has spoken about that in the past. However, on this 10-year anniversary of the History Channel miniseries, it is another reminder of that passion he has.

“Today marks a decade since the first episode of Hatfields & McCoys was released. One of my favorite projects to have been a part of!” Costner said on his Instagram. Check out the rest of the post below.

The legendary actor played the lead role of “Devil” Anse Hatfield. Of course, the story of the Hatfields and McCoys is one that has entertained and shocked many for the last 100 years or so. A bloody feud on the border of West Virginia and Kentucky. Ambush attacks from the trees of the mountains. Family betrayal. And a whole lot of shooting and bloody conflict.

Many of the stories, both true and fictional, that came out of this feud helped to fuel tales of ignorant and violent hillbillies in the mountains of Appalachia. While this feud was one that became popularized over the years, it was far from the deadliest feud in the region. Many disagreements and personal slights led to anything from an individual incident to a full-blown war.

It’s a very interesting and enthralling history. When it comes to American history like the Hatfields and McCoys, Kevin Costner is a bit of a buff. He says that “violence” in our history “can inform our choices.”

Kevin Costner, ‘Violence’ and the Hatfields and McCoys

Now, no one thinks that Costner is averse to violence. As John Dutton, he’s been in many gunfights and other acts of violence in Yellowstone. Of course, Taylor Sheridan is a big history buff, and that’s something that Costner shares with the writer-director.

“But, it [violence] happened here,” Costner said to CNBC earlier this year. “It’s [America] just rich in history, we don’t have to be ashamed about it, we can be a little embarrassed, but it’s more embarrassing to not know. It can inform our choices as we go forward as people, to understand. It allows us to have empathy if you really deep down know – how ugly things could get.”

So, it is no wonder that Kevin Costner would take on a role as he did in Hatfields and McCoys. The anniversary has come up and it is wild to think that it has been 10 years. I remember the ads for the series and wanting to watch it so bad. Unfortunately, that was at a time when this Outsider still had a bedtime… But watching reruns was always great if you could catch them between the hours of Ancient Aliens marathons.


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