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Lainey Wilson Shares What She Stole From The ‘Yellowstone’ Set

Taste of Country reports that during a rapid-fire round of Yellowstone quarters, Lainey Wilson revealed more details about the props she now has in her possession. “I have not told anybody this,” she began. “It’s not technically me stealing. There was one day where I showed up on set and I was like, ‘I don’t have deodorant on. I went into the bunkhouse and I literally – props that had probably been sitting there since Season 1 – I used somebody’s razor and I used somebody’s deodorant.”

As previously reported, Lainey Wilson joined the cast of Yellowstone for the upcoming season. She will be portraying a musician named Abby. Wilson recently opened up about how the cast felt like family. “I grew up around a lot of cowboys. My daddy’s a cowboy and I watched season one of Yellowstone and I freaked out. I felt like I was seriously watching my family on TV because I truly just felt this connection right away to the show.”

Along with Lainey Wilson, other recurring cast members for the new season are Kal Caster (American Horror Story), Lilli Kay (Your Honor and Rustin), and Dawn Olivieri (1883, Bright House of Lies). Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, and Kelsey Asbille are also returning.

Lainey Wilson Says Her ‘Yellowstone’ Character Is Someone She Identifies With

While chatting with reports at the 15th annual Academy of Country Music (ACM) Honors, Lainey Wilson spoke about her Yellowstone character. She said Abby is someone she identifies with.

“It’s pretty much me,” Lainey Wilson shared. “And it’s cool, I’m getting to sing my own songs, I’m getting to wear my get-up, I just go by the name Abby, so it’s awesome. It really is.”

Wilson also admitted she did not anticipate diving into acting in the first place. However, when asked, she said she was not going to pass up on the chance to try something new. “I mean, this is definitely something I was not, you know, expecting to happen. But I had made a promise and a vow to myself that if doors open, I’m gonna run through them. And this was truly a blessing from the Lord.”

Lainey Wilson then shared with CMT how Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan, called her for the role. He said, ‘I want to create a role specifically for you,’ and I’m like, ‘you’re sure you want to do that? Let’s do it!’” Wilson explained. She went on to add, “I love doing things that are scary. I love stepping outside my comfort zone. It’s going to be great.”


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