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Lullabies Pour In As Fans Get Smitten With Forgotten Picture Of ‘Legends’ Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger

A high-voltage picture of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger recently overpowered the internet with their charming personalities. While on one side ‘the Terminator’ actor smoked a cigar while playfully looking, on the other, ‘Rocky Balboa’ warmly smiled at the screen. The picture is from a time when both Stallone and Schwarzenegger were at the height of their careers in the film industry. Over the years, the duo gained a massive fan following. Demonstrating raging masculinity in their overtly testosterone-filled films, Stallone and Schwarzenegger attracted an audience that religiously worshipped their contribution to the industry aside from their iron physiques.

As soon as the account Sylvester Stallone Fãs posted the picture, fans were drawn towards it. While a number of fans expressed how they enjoyed watching their movies, others wished the duo a good night while branding them as “lovely”. In short, fans could not restrain their love as they encountered their favorite personalities. Here is what they are saying.

Fans dote on Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger with the resurfacing of an old pic


A fan stumbled upon the picture and congratulated the two stars, highlighting their talents as actors on screen. “Two stars congratulations, they are unforgettable how talented, top-notch actors,” the comment read. Likewise, a fan acknowledged the greatness of the two who once dominated the silver screen in the 1980s. “Great Actors I love watching your movies you are great,” they wrote, admiring the actors respectively known for The Terminator and Rocky.

On the other end, a fan expressed how lovely the two were and even sent them hugs virtually. “You guys are lovely! Good Night! Sweet Dreams! Hugs”, said the fan addressing ‘Sylvie and Arnie’.

Meanwhile, a fan quite endearingly called Stallone and Schwarzenegger “cats”. “Hello cats, you are cool,” the fan said quite hilariously. On the other hand, a fan addressed the duo as “beauties”. “I’m a fan of you two beauties Good night,” they commented by saying. Similarly, a fan branded the duo as “Two great legends.” A fan even called Stallone a “Real Hero” who made his fans emotional through the unofficial trailer of ‘Rocky 7’ recently. What do you think about the picture of ‘Sylvie and Arnie’? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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