”The Magnificent Seven” returns to the past to see honest people live in tears.

The Magnificent Seven” is a journey that takes the audience back in time to the context of America in the late 19th century, a time when honest people had to live in blood and tears. suffered so much unfair pressure from greedy capitalists.

which was inspired by the Japanese movie “Seven Samurai”.

And then seven saviors appeared, seven gunmen walked on the road to find justice for the people even though they knew they would have to pay with their own lives.

Own a pair of superstars

Actually, “The Magnificent Seven” has a very simple content, but it knows how to arouse viewers’ emotions. Although it has appeared hundreds, even thousands of times in the history of cinema, the heroic motif of standing up to protect the people against the exploitation of the wicked still makes our hearts flutter.

“The Magnificent Seven” also bring back the old values to the silver screen.

Then, based on that vibration, the screenplay builds the episodes that connect logically. The film is like a picture recreating the western scene in the 70s of the 19th century, where people were caught up in the whirlpool of fame and fortune but gradually forgot about love.

The power of money and power makes human life like garbage, which can be ended by an accidental bullet. The soundtrack in my opinion is also very good, showing the arrogant but equally wild majesty of the far west.

The character Faraday played by rising star Chris Pratt shines

Not only set in the “past” of the far west, “The Magnificent Seven” also bring back the old values ​​to the silver screen. With a modest budget of only about $95 million, which is quite low compared to the general level of blockbuster movies, you will see very few “exciting” explosion effects that have almost become the hallmark of contemporary movies. Grand.

“The Magnificent Seven” is one of the very successful remakes

Instead, “The Magnificent Seven” will make your heart sob with the performance of the actors. No exaggeration, “the power of Hollywood A-list stars” is the main factor that attracts viewers from the beginning to the end.