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Top Gun: Maverick’s Val Kilmer Shows Off Incredible Gift For Movie’s Milestone Achievement

Val Kilmer is taking a well-deserved victory lap over the success of this year’s biggest blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverick. Though the film is streaming on demand, it’s still doing well in theaters. The veteran actor took to his official Twitter to share a fun memento the film’s producer sent him.

The image Val Kilmer posted shows an interesting trophy on his desk. It’s of a jet in flight, with a plaque that reads, “Top Gun: Maverick $1 Billion, 2022.” This, of course, refers to the film’s stellar box office, the biggest for both Tom Cruise and the studio, Paramount. An open card reads, “Congratulations on the phenomenal success of Top Gun: Maverick! What a fun ride! All the best, Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer.” Of course, Jerry Bruckheimer produced both Top Gun films. Sitting next to the fun trophy is a pair of aviator sunglasses.

“Look what just flew in! Love you, Jerry and Linda!” Val Kilmer captioned the image. “Who would have thought this little Indi Film could turn out so well?”

Top Gun fans are still talking about Kilmer’s scene in the sequel

Health issues cast some doubt as to whether the veteran actor would return for Top Gun: Maverick. However, Val Kilmer was able to come back for Maverick in a brief but key scene. In this appearance, Kilmer’s Tom “Iceman” Kazansky encourages Cruise’s Maverick to push forward with training a brand new generation of pilots. Iceman is now an Admiral, and like Val Kilmer, the character is dealing with serious health issues. Due to procedures performed on Kilmer’s trachea, the actor doesn’t have his full voice, which was also reflected in the Iceman character. To fandom’s delight, Iceman uses a voice simulator like Val Kilmer himself to let Maverick know he’s still his wingman. thought this little Indi Film could turn out so well?”


In a recent interview with Collider, the veteran actor reflected on playing his Top Gun character again. Val Kilmer had nothing but praise for the director, Joseph Kosinski. “He made us very comfortable, and everyone on the crew was transfixed just to be there,” Kilmer said. The Willow star added that Tom Cruise runs a tight set. “Tom commands a lot of respect and it was a joy to be in such a comfortable setting.”

When asked if his scene opposite Cruise was layered due to the passage of time, Kilmer is a bit dismissive. “Well, we are paid to act and that’s what we did in the scene,” he joked. Still, maybe there is something to acting with a veteran actor. “[Doing scenes] with a class act like Tom made it a pleasure, and less like work!”


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