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Why Clint Eastwood Hates The Only Musical Movie He’s Ever Made.

Paint Your Wagon was Clint Eastwood’s first and final foray into the musical genre. Here’s why he hated the movie and why the experience was so bad.

Clint Eastwood hates his first and only foray into the musical genre, which was Paint Your Wagon. Released in 1969, Paint Your Wagon was an unbranded project for the actor, who had already made a name for himself as a Hollywood “tough guy” and one of the western stars. West’s biggest movie. The film is one of several he has made over the years that contrasts with his iconic image.

The 1969 musical was one of the few films Eastwood starred in after The Dollars Trilogy, which he made in Italy with critically acclaimed director Sergio Leone. The success he achieved with A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few More Dollars, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, culminated in Eastwood having quite a few lead roles in major Hollywood films. Eastwood is most involved in playing protagonists who share the same qualities that made his Man With No Name character so popular. This is certainly the case with movies like Hang ’em High, but it certainly doesn’t apply to Paint Your Wagon, an Eastwood musical made with Jean Seberg and Western icon Lee Marvin.

Paint Your Wagon was disliked by Eastwood fans as well as critics. Many felt that the singing role was not suitable for Eastwood (or Marvin). For the most part, the opinion about this movie is shared by the actor, whose comments on the subject make him unhappy with the movie. Eastwood signed on to the film with high expectations for the film. Unfortunately, the rewrite of the script ruined what he originally thought would be a good movie [Empire Online]. Eastwood was extremely disappointed with the filming, as production took much longer than planned. Various problems slowed down filming, causing it to last for six months.

Initially, the Fistful of Dollars star was under the impression that Paint Your Wagon would be a musical unlike anything he had seen before. Early drafts showed him that it would be a dark story centered around an interracial romance, which was uncommon at the time. Eastwood was interested in this, but while filming When Eagles Dare, he discovered that the plans for Paint Your Wagon did not include those elements. He seriously considered withdrawing but ultimately agreed to review the project.

When looking at the finished product, it’s easy to see why the Paint Your Wagon actor was so disappointing. The actor who plays boxers, undefeated fighters like Man with No Name seems to be considered a singing cowboy. It made a terrible contrast to the image he had cultivated throughout the 1960s. Plus, the soft tone was very different from the roles Clint Eastwood was often associated with. It’s impossible to know what Paint Your Wagon would have been if it had remained in the shadows, the Western musical the studio sold him in the first place.


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