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‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser’s Wife Captures ‘Moment Of Bliss’ In Sweet Pic Of The Rip Wheeler Star & His Daughter

Although Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler, a cowboy with a cold exterior on Yellowstone, he’s a warm and loving family man when he’s at home. If Hauser isn’t out at the Oracle Center seeing Steph Curry and Klay Thompson competing for another NBA Finals title, he is likely sitting around spending time with his kids.

While Cynthia and Cole Hauser’s sons seem to be growing up quickly, their daughter Steely Rose hasn’t quite outgrown her parents yet. On Instagram, Cynthia shared a photo of her husband and daughter enjoying some time together. The location stamp is Montana, so perhaps the Hauser family is taking in the Yellowstone scenery during early production.

Check out the photo below and try to keep your heart from melting.

A simple caption is what Cynthia went with. “Moment of bliss #nofilter.” What a great moment to capture. Just a kid and her dad enjoying some time watching TV. Probably deeply enthralled in the Golden State Warriors’ 10-point win over the Celtics the other night. Their second in a row. The whole family caught some action live during Game 3 earlier this month.

Season 5 of Yellowstone is currently under production and that means one thing… Hauser is in full Rip Wheler mode. There have been little hints and previews from the set of the show and needless to say, fans are very excited to see the next chapter in the Dutton story.

As long as Rip is around, the Stone should be just fine. But you know there will be a lot of conflict in the upcoming season, and Rip is going to be at the center of all of it.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Looks Intimidating in New Rip Wheeler Photo

Speaking of production, Yellowstone‘s Cole Hauser has been getting into character, literally. Thankfully, Emerson Miller captured a behind-the-scenes photo of the actor in his full get-up. With his chaps, jacket, glasses, and hat on – it’s everything that fans want to see and more. It just gives off that Wheeler vibe.

The actor is clearly feeling himself in the tack room. With all of those saddles laying around, and that toothpick back in his mouth, this is ideal Rip. In the upcoming season, he is going to have a major role to play, as usual. But with relations on the ranch shaky at best between Beth, Rip, and John – there’s no telling what might happen.

Even though he’s back to work, Cole Hauser finds time for his family. The Yellowstone star keeps impressing fans both on and off-screen.


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