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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Say They’re “Scared” After Seeing An Eerie Instagram About Beth And Rip

Season 5 of Yellowstone hit the ground running, and while there were many changes, one thing remained the same — Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser)’s love for one another. But now, folks fear that the newlyweds might experience some turbulence in their relationship.

During Sunday night’s premiere on Paramount Network, viewers returned to the Yellowstone ranch to celebrate John (Kevin Costner) becoming the next governor of Montana. Unbeknownst to Beth, a new chapter for the Dutton patriarch meant a new chapter for her as well, when she was tapped to lead his new order. It quickly became apparent that she’d be spending a lot of time away from Rip, who candidly told her that the changes on the ranch weren’t sitting well with him.

Still, she reassured him that it was the right decision for their future. As it turns out, Yellowstone fans tuning in from home immediately sided with Rip and many voiced their thoughts when the show shared photos of the couple on Instagram. “If it’s not Rip and Beth, we don’t want it,” the caption read.


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Without hesitation, followers took to the Instagram comments section with concerns about what the new season 5 episodes would bring for the duo.

“All I have to say is that when this is all said and done, these two better be still standing and together!!!! 🔥,” one person wrote. “Ditto. I’m scared for future episodes 😔,” another replied. “PROTECT THEM [PLEASE],” a different fan pleaded. “Bet something real bad will happen though. . lol,” someone else predicted.


Whether folks know it or not, their inklings aren’t too far off base. According to Kelly, fans shouldn’t count on her character reigning things in, especially as she dives deeper into politics.

“Beth inhabits a depth of furiousness this season,” she told Los Angeles Times. “We’ve seen that in her before, but she’s going even further. There’s a hint of fear in it — will she be able to save the ranch or is it a foregone conclusion that that will slip through our hands?”

As for Rip’s role in all this, Cole revealed to Parade that his character will keep being supportive. “I still feel like they’re there for each other in every way possible,” he told the outlet. “Certainly, with what’s going on this year with some of the past that’s creeping into Beth’s mind and what’s going on personally with her, he’s just that rock that he’s always been.”

Fingers crossed that Yellowstone spares Beth and Rip from heartache!


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