‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes’ Wife Posts New Pics Of Him, And Fans Are Loving It

It’s rare that we get a photo of “Yellowstone” star Luke Grimes on social media, as the actor isn’t very active on the platforms. But, recently, his wife Bianca Rodrigues snapped a pic of Grimes kicking back and having a good time.

The first photo that she posted on Instagram featured Grimes sitting on a cooler tied to the front of an ATV, outfitted with a plastic bull head. The bull head is a cooler accessory from Yeti, where you can actually use your cooler to practice roping skills. Here, it’s being used as a seat for the “Yellowstone” star. His boots dangle above the dirt road as he perches on the cooler, beer in hand, cowboy hat on head.

The second photo is a bit of an action shot. The ATV in motion, speeding down the road with Grimes still seated on the cooler. He’s got both hands in the air (one still holding his beer) and looks to be having a great time. Rodrigues captioned her photos, “Bull by the horns,” but I think this perfectly captures the duality of man: one side of the man sits calmly on the cooler, and the other side rides the cooler wildly into the darkness.

Rodrigues tagged her post location as Montana, where “Yellowstone” is filmed. It’s also where she and Grimes live full-time. Rodrigues also posted her photos on July 17, which was the last day of Under the Big Sky Festival in Whitefish, MT. The couple seems to be hanging out with friends at the festival, living their best lives, having taken a break from Grimes’ busy “Yellowstone” schedule.

Luke Grimes Talks About All the Different Cowboy Camps Before Filming ‘Yellowstone’

In a late June interview with the Hollywood Reporter and the main cast, Luke Grimes dove deep into the details of Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy camp. We’ve heard tales from cowboy camp before, but Grimes talked about learning from Sheridan and the crew about authenticity and portraying real Western ranch life.

He then went on to describe cowboy camp, surprising fans by mentioning that it was different every year. I, at least, was under the impression that it was like a summer camp, giving the cast a refresher in their cowboy skills before filming began. Though, “It’s been different every year, right?” Grimes said. “I mean, year one was a mule packing trip. And I think they were like, ‘Let’s never do that again.’ Because they almost didn’t get us back.”

Grimes shared that with cowboy camp, as with “Yellowstone” in general, they never know what to expect. But, he continued, there are definitely lessons and skills learned. “The point is to A, learn,” he explained. “Get better, mess up, figure out what you’re doing. And B, sort of just have that camaraderie and get everybody sort of on the same page. It’s like, to have the experience that I’ve had on this job is priceless. I feel very lucky.”


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