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‘Yellowstone’ Reveals New Behind-The-Scenes Look At Season 5: ‘We’re Working Hard!’

“We’re working hard on Season 5!” Yellowstone captions their latest reel on Instagram. It’s a quick one, but we’ll take what we can get as the wait continues. November 13 is a ways off, after all.

Within, Wes Bentley “welcomes” fans to Yellowstone Season 5 amidst filming after camera crews rush to capture Cole Hauser and Forrie J. Smith on horseback as Rip Wheeler and Lloyd Pierce respectively. But it’s what follows that may make certain fans happy: the return of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch helicopter.

There’s not much else to unpack here, unfortunately. But the teaser does its job, and that is to get us even more excited for Season 5. So what can we expect for the Duttons triumphant return come November 13?

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: ‘Foot’s on the Gas’ says Kevin Costner

Speaking as a part of Yellowstone‘s biggest interview during Season 5 filming so far, the one and only Kevin Costner told fans to expect an even higher octane season ahead.

“I think it’s safe to say the foot’s on the gas, and we’re not slowing down,” Costner revealed in June. “And what we’ve known is how the show is going to continue. The quality is very high.”

In another recent interview, Costner elaborated on that latter statement. Many have questioned his switch to television in the past, but for the bonafide Hollywood star, that high quality has always made Yellowstone a sure bet in his book.

“I think we’ve been doing the same work from the first season, and I think that’s number one. That’s been really important to me,” Costner offered for Entertainment Tonight.

As far as recent award buzz is concerned, “The recognition comes,” but “the writing has to stay strong. Keep doing what we’re doing, and then people catch up to you in your life,” the John Dutton star adds.

‘I’ve always said, it’s not too hard to be popular…’

“I’ve always said, it’s not too hard to be popular, you can do a lot of things to get noticed or whatever. But if you’re trying to be relevant in your own life, you maybe have to be doing the things you feel like are important to you. If the world gets in sync with your life, how great is that?”

In the end, “If you’re always chasing an idea that’s already working, and put a spin on it, there’s a business to that,” Costner cites. “And that’s done all the time and there’s nothing really wrong with it, but it’s not the way I can conduct myself.”

The more Yellowstone we get, the clearer it becomes that no one else could’ve ever played the Dutton patriarch but Kevin Costner. He returns this November 13 alongside the rest of the cast for Yellowstone Season 5, exclusively on Paramount Network.


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