Yellowstone Season 5 Newcomer Proves There’s Hope For The Show Yet

While fans are quietly raging about how “uneventful” and “boring” Yellowstone has become as the show is in the middle of its fifth season, some people are still looking for rays of hope – and finding them.

It turns out that at least one new character might be a silver lining for Yellowstone, even if it’s a minor character. Clara, the personal assistant to Governor John Dutton, is a newcomer to season 5, making her first appearance in Episode 2, titled The Sting of Wisdom.

With all the characters embroiled in drama and power plays, Clara is one of the few who remains “sane” and “sensible,” fans say.

“And I like how she seamlessly blended into the ranch for the branding,” Redditor justacvicunurse noted.

Other Redditors noted that she is “definitely the Chief of Staff material,” hinting that Governor Dutton should stick to his position for some more time and bring new blood.


As the fandom grows dissatisfied with the original Yellowstone gang, the show’s future may lie in the hands of the new characters like Clara, especially since they fit in well with the crew. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan has already hinted that there are more seasons of Yellowstone on the way, but fans keep criticizing the show for “running out of story”.

Well, maybe if the show turns to less developed characters, there is a chance for Yellowstone to yee its haws just like in the good old days.

Yellowstone Season 5 is currently on mid-season hiatus, with the second half of the season returning to Paramount this summer.


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