Yellowstone Season 5: The Burning Questions That Need To Be Answered

Saddle up, y’all. Now that Paramount Network has officially renewed Yellowstone for Season 5 — and considering that the mega-hit’s Season 4 finale rustled up 4 million more viewers than the 14 million who stampeded to their sofas to watch its season premiere, was there ever any doubt that it would? — we’re doing a deep dive into the series’ loose ends that still need tying up and questions that still need answering.

There are, to put it mildly, some biggies, regarding everything from patriarch John’s reluctant run for governor (and whether Jamie’s downfall means that he can bail on it) to Kayce and Monica’s marriage (and whether or not it will last long enough to usher into the world Tate’s new baby brother or sister). Take a look below at the list of questions that’s been keeping us up nights, then hit the comments to add any head-scratchers that you think we’ve left out.

Is Beth Prison-Bound?

Cool as the proverbial cucumber, she shrugged off Caroline’s promise to put her behind bars for committing corporate espionage against Market Equities. But can the tough-talking conniver really keep from falling out of the frying pan and into the fire this time? Her best — perhaps her only? — chance may be if the answer to the next question is yes.

Will John Be Elected?

He wants to be governor about as much as he wants to be shot again. However, he’s willing to see the campaign through if only to ensure that weaselly adopted son Jamie never gets to take a load off in that seat of power. Will John feel the need to stick it out, though, now that Beth has blackmailed Jamie into murdering his biological father and obtained photographic evidence of the crime?

How Bad Is Option No. 3?

Beth warned Jamie that he should’ve chosen one of the first two dire options with which she presented him. Now she owns him — but what does that mean? Will she and John make him their puppet in the governor’s office? Will they strong-arm him into pulling out of the gubernatorial race? Or will Beth’s plot altogether backfire, resulting in her loathed brother forging a heretofore-missing bond with their dad?

Are Jimmy and Emily Coming Back?

Since Jefferson White remains a series regular and Kathryn Kelly’s been made one, too, we know we’ll be seeing more of the lovebirds in Season 5. But does that also mean that we’ll keep cutting away from the Yellowstone to the action at the Four Sixes, thus setting the stage for the Texas-set spinoff? Or will the engaged couple just keep visiting Jimmy’s old stomping grounds every week or two?

Have We Seen the Last of Summer?

Although John managed to get the environmental activist’s prison sentence reduced, there’s been no mention of Piper Perabo reprising her recurring role in Season 5. Is that a clue that maybe, once freed from the pokey, the character decides to get the hell outta Dodge and away from the Duttons — something that most people probably would’ve done after being confronted by a knife-wielding Beth?

Can Beth and Rip Really Keep Carter?

We know, we know — the kid said that he doesn’t have any family. But is that true? Is there no aunt or uncle out there, no grandparent who might seek out the teenager with a mind to get him out of the stable and into a classroom? It’s hard to believe that there’s not, right? Our money’s on that person showing up right about the time that Rip decides Carter is his and Beth’s kid and she finally lets the boy start calling her mama.

Will Teeter Ever Get an Actual Story?

In two seasons, Jen Landon’s marble-mouthed character has mostly leered at her fellow ranch hands and confounded them with her unique manner of speaking. Now that the actress has been promoted to series regular, will we get to actually, you know, know Teeter? Will we gain any insight into what we’re told is now her capital-R relationship with Colby? Will we at very least get a Teeter-to-English dictionary with which to translate her mutterings?

Is It Splitsville for Kayce Monica?

The wolf’s return prompted John’s golden boy to go on a vision quest that showed him “the end of us.” But we’ve counted the couple out before and been proven wrong. So why should we be any more concerned this time? Is their fate for once a fait accompli, or can their destiny still be altered? And if their marriage can be saved, we’re definitely gonna need an answer to this next one.

Why Was Avery Brought Back?

Stoked as we were to see Tanaya Beatty return in Season 4, her character’s reappearance didn’t seem to serve any real purpose. She professed her unrequited love to Kayce, made Monica rather hilariously jealous, and that was… that? No, that can’t be. In Season 5, we’re gonna have to see how far “Ms. Pouty Lips” will go to get that wedding band off her crush’s finger.

Will the Train Station Ever Be Discovered?

It’s the perfect place to dump a body, sure. But by now, there have to be so many rotting corpses off the side of that cliff in Wyoming that somebody would have to come (literally) sniffing around. If the feds ever got involved — or Sheriff Haskell’s by-the-book replacement — can you imagine the number of murders in which the Duttons would be implicated?

What Happened to Lug Nut Boy?

No. We’re not letting this one go. When John was gunned down in the street in the Season 3 finale, he was helping a young mom change her flat. She was shot dead, we saw. But what about her son, who’d been sent into the weeds to retrieve lug nuts? Was he another casualty of Garrett’s hit on the Duttons? Is he still in that field? We’ve gotta know!


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