Yellowstone season 5: Will Monica die in childbirth after Kayce’s vision?


Yellowstone season 5 is in the making after an explosive season 4 finale. Will Monica die in childbirth?

Yellowstone season five will air on The Paramount Network soon following an intense fourth outing. Kayce Dutton (played by Luke Grimes) showed viewers glimpses of his harrowing past in the final moments. However, a vision he had at the end could signal a tragic future for the Dutton sibling.

Will Monica die in Yellowstone season 5?

In the season four finale of the Western melodrama, Kayce started experiencing hallucinations.

He saw his dead brother, Lee (Dave Annable), who was killed back in the first season.

The former Navy SEAL also saw visions of wolves, his pursuer Avery (Tanaya Beatty) and a young American Indian girl.

In the final moments, this girl presents Kayce with two paths leading to the end of his journey.

Back in the real world, he tells his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille): “I saw the end of us.”

Monica had previously revealed she was pregnant and that their son Tate (Brecken Merrill) was going to be a brother.

Kayce was thrilled with the news but Monica was concerned it could make the family an even bigger target.

Kayce’s vision at the end of season four could have seen something happen to Monica’s baby.

Or perhaps he saw his wife die in childbirth, which is what he meant when he said he “saw the end” of the couple.

Monica actress Asbille has previously teased the birth could come with dire consequences.

She said: “It just makes her more of a target, unfortunately,” during a behind the scenes chat with Paramount.

In another video, Kayce actor Grimes said of the finale and portraying native culture: “What we are watching Kayce go through is a lot of fear that comes up.

“In respect to the actual tradition, we filmed enough to give people an idea of what it is.


“But there’s a lot that we purposefully left out and want to keep sacred and respect.”

The actor added: “You are playing a lot of memories in your life, some things seem meaningful.

“Some just scary. When Lee comes back it’s a really big deal for Kayce to have this moment with his brother.

“It’s not just there to spook people, it’s there because you are watching him deal with his past, the things that torture him the most.”

In the same video, actress Asbille said their characters just want to know what the couple’s future looks like and whether there will be a happy ending.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss what Kayce meant by his closing statement.

Potterhead07651 said: “Curious too what Kayce meant by the end of us. Did he mean the end of him and Monica?

“The end of the human race? The end of the Duttons or the Ranch?

“Or the end of their town or way of life? Whatever it was, Monica seemed to understand it.”

Dynamix811 said: “I think when the wolf/woman told him to look down the 2 paths and choose, one path showed him choosing the ranch/helping save his family during some season 5 drama but having to sacrifice his relationship with Monica in the process.

“The other path was to choose Monica/Tate over returning to his family but thereby perhaps dooming the future of the ranch/his family.

“Whichever path he chooses, the other relationship will be ended, hence ‘The end of Us’. Us to be determined.” [Sic]


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