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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Poses With Troops at 4th of July Parade

It looks like Yellowstone star Cole Hauser spent the July 4th holiday right. Even with the filming of Season 5 underway, he’s found time to get out. Even though he was just out in normal clothes, you can’t help but look at Hauser and not see Rip Wheeler. What is more strange is that he is such a happy-looking version of Rip when he’s out and about. Something we don’t see very often.

On his Instagram, the Yellowstone star shared a photo from a Fourth of July parade in Cody, WY. He posed alongside servicemen and women with a big smile. What a way to spend the holiday.

That’s quite the photo. That sky sure does look awfully big and blue, that’s for sure. Everyone looks really happy to meet the Yellowstone star and he looks more than happy to pose alongside and meet with these troops.

Hauser also posted a photo of his wife Cynthia and you can see the Wyoming mountains in the background, “Happy bday America! I love you.”

The actor probably isn’t as entertained when he goes out and about as he would be back in California, but I’m sure that he and the other cast members are plenty busy. Getting the Season 5 production over and done with and then getting the show put together and edited for the premiere on November 13… that’s a lot to do.

Of course, Hauser just has one part to play in that whole equation, but still, that’s a lot of work.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Has to Bulk Up for ROle

When it comes to playing Rip Wheeler, you have to look the part. Hauser is able to do that with the help of putting on some more weight and bulking out in muscle. Of course, he has to grow the beard in and make sure he keeps the grey hair out of it too. By the time he’s on set, he’s gone through quite the transformation.

“Ultimately, when I walk around [as Rip], I’m about 210 [pounds],” he said. “I put on, sometimes, about 20 pounds just to fill him out. And get a little bit more a** and legs on him, you know!”

I think if anyone knows, it’s a certain segment of Yellowstone fans and they appreciate every ounce of that weight gain he puts on, especially in the places that the actor listed above.

It isn’t uncommon for actors to go through a body change in order to take on a role. It happens in every superhero movie ever. And, it’s something that Hauser has to do in order to take on his role as Rip. Yellowstone season 5 is under production right now and every day we get closer to the premiere, is a good day.


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