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‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Shares New Season 5 Pics: ‘Pushin’ Cows In The Big Hole’

“No WiFi out here, but I promise you will find a better connection,” Hauser quotes in his latest post. Ain’t that the truth. Currently, the fan-favorite actor is out in the wide open spaces of Montana filming Yellowstone‘s next season. While he’s at it, he’s offering a specific glimpse into his Thursday tasks.

“Pushin’ cows in the Big Hole… Just a slice of heaven,” he captions. It’s a statement that makes for one hell of a headline, to be sure, but Montanans will immediately know what Hauser means.

Known for its fishing, hard winters, and real-life counterparts to Yellowstone‘s multi-generation ranches, Big Hole Country is a huge part of southwest Montana’s culture. There, the Big Hole River runs through the heart of Big Hole Valley, and television’s #1 show is returning to this phenomenal landscape to film their Season 5. Take a look via the Rip Wheeler actor’s latest Instagram post:

Sure beats Wi-Fi, huh?

Cole Hauser Returns as ‘Off the Grid’ Rip Wheeler for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Unlike Rip, Hauser’s had plenty to say ahead of Season 5. He’s staying busy filming, as we’ve seen, but the actor’s made ample time for interviews as excitement grows for the return of Rip Wheeler.

Speaking to his favorite aspects of the character, Hauser lauds Taylor Sheridan‘s decision to make Rip a completely “off the grid” cowboy.

“There’s a certain freedom to it,” the 47-year-old California ranch native told Gold Derby amidst filming. “He doesn’t have a bank account. Doesn’t have a license, you know?” Hauser continues with a laugh. Clearly, this man loves embodying such an unencumbered man.

Rip is a true throwback to the Wild West and Hollywood’s golden era of Westerns. The criminal-turned-cowboy is as lawless as they come. And in Yellowstone‘s world, that’s saying something.

“The police that know of him don’t mess with him. He’s kind of like that black hat. That black hand in the mafia,” Hauser adds. “You just don’t play with those guys. And in return, they leave you alone.”

‘He’s kind of a part of the Montana landscape’

A favorite statement of mine from the Yellowstone star came from the same interview. The way he describes Rip is spot-on, which is unsurprising coming from an actor of Hauser’s caliber.

“In a way, he’s kind of a part of the Montana landscape, you know? He’s his own animal,” he offers of his discussions with Taylor Sheridan on Rip.

“I just thought, ‘Wow.’ That is, to me, the ultimate freedom of a character. To be off the grid with nothing that allows anybody to know who I am. It’s another wonderful detail to the character,” Hauser concludes.

We’ll see plenty more of Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler come Yellowstone Season 5 this November 13.


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