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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Jokes She Looks ‘Like A Toddler With ADHD’ Leaving The Set

Yellowstone star Jen Landon joked that she ‘looks like a toddler with ADHD’ while leaving the set of Season 5 filming. She posted a picture from the set to Instagram.

In her caption, the actress added, “@finn_little_official and @thelittlesmum caught me leaving work looking like a toddler with ADHD.
📷 @thelittlesmum #yellowstone #yellowstonetv.”

Other fans and celebrities quickly commented on the post.

“My guitar!!! Have you been practicing your Kermit the Frog song?” singer JMichael Harter wrote.

“In her element,” Kelly Frye wrote.

“The pink Teeter hair is back❤️,” one fan commented. “Can’t wait to see what trouble she gets into this season.”

“My chosen daughter … you are darlin!”

One fan took issue with how Jen Landon used ADHD as a comparison to her mood. They wrote, “Cute but please don’t use ADHD as an adjective to describe a certain look that is unappealing. Especially if you are not diagnosed. It’s a condition that anyone, from all walks of life can have. As with any condition, disability or syndrome, etc.; ADHD is a part of someone’s life and certainly isn’t a look.” However, no other users have replied back to the post to engage.

Another fan wrote, “I admire your acting so much. Your a powerhouse and I enjoy every minute your in front of the camera!” Then, one said “Your Father would be so proud of you. I watched you on ATWT…your talent has no boundaries.”

A final fan wrote, “Hopefully we get to hear more of your amazing singing voice soon,” referring to Jen Landon’s terrific singing abilities.

Jen Landon’s Cast-Mate Kelly Reilly Talks About New Horseback Scenes

Kelly Reilly talked recently about getting the chance to get on horseback more in the new season. It seems like the intensity is going to ramp up in this new season with her continued time on horseback. If Beth is on the back of a horse, something drastic has happened. Or, she’s made a getaway of some sort. Either way, the anticipation is killing us!

“We might be getting to see Beth more on a horse this year,” Reilly explained. “Which I am personally really excited about. I really love all the stuff in the suits and the power [for Beth]. But me, Kelly, I love being out in the wilds. And I don’t very often get a chance as Beth to do any of the cowboy stuff. But this year… This year she might.”

We’ve been told that the new season is going to be focused on Beth. Her role is growing on the ranch, even though her father has scorned her. Whatever awaits in this new season, we wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of Kelly Reilly‘s character, regardless if your Jen Landon’s character or anyone else!


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