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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Posts Pic Of Teeter Getting ‘Classy’ In Season 5 Premiere

Well, folks, we made it. After months of anticipation and excitement, we finally tuned in to the season five premiere of Yellowstone which brought as much drama, tension, and suspense as we’ve come to expect from series creator, Taylor Sheridan. However, among the politics, romance, and shock, fans of cable’s No. 1 drama also witnessed a rare moment of light-heartedness at Governor John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) inauguration party. Taking part in the festivities were some of our favorite bunkhouse residents including the ranch’s only female hand, Teeter. Ahead of the November 13th premiere, Teeter actress Jen Landon shared a fun pic of her character—which you can view below—getting “classy” at the patriarch’s grand celebration.


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The photo, which sees Teeter in a worn cowboy hat, sharp brown button-up, and aviator sunglasses, saw lots of love from Yellowstone fans. Ahead of the Sunday night episode, Jen Landon teased, “Teeter gets real classy tonight on the season premier of Yellowstone. LET’S FINALLY GET TO WORK.”

Teeter wasn’t the only Yellowstone character getting classy during the season five premiere. Donning their nicest clothes were also Dutton Ranch hands Lloyd, Ryan, Colby, and Walker among others. Fans, thrilled about the season premiere, flocked to the comments to share their love for the hit Western and for Jen Landon herself.

“#weloveteeter,” one Yellowstone fan gushed in the comments. Another added, “So happy y’all are back.”

Even some of Landon’s costars commented on Teeter’s classy new look.

Monica Dutton actress Kelsey Asbille humorously commented, “HOTT,” while Kelly Reilly, known for her dynamic role as Beth Dutton, added a series of flame emojis.

Be sure to catch Teeter’s next adventures when Yellowstone airs its second all-new episode next Sunday, November 20th.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Spot One Major Error During Season Premiere

If there’s one thing we can say about Yellowstone, it’s that it strives as a whole to make the Western drama as authentic as possible. That being said, Yellowstone fans spotted a single error during the season premiere on Sunday night, and it’s a biggie.

The first part of the two-part premiere was, mostly, centered around John’s inauguration as governor and his new duties as a politician. Interestingly, it wasn’t any of the legal jargon or scenes that caught viewers’ attention, but the setting of the inauguration party itself.

As with any presidential election, politicians take office right at the turn of the new year, meaning John would be stepping into his new role in early January. And in Montana specifically, that means temperatures should be at a frigid 20 and 30 degrees, with snow covering much of what makes up the Dutton Ranch.

Instead, the scenery featured during the Yellowstone premiere suggests one of two things.

1. The inauguration took place at a completely unrealistic, and much warmer, time of the year.
2. Montana is experiencing a ridiculously warm January — recall Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) little black dress and Abby’s (Lainey Wilson) fringed tank top and bell bottoms.

Observant Yellowstone fans vented about the error online.

“For all the murder and malfeasance in Yellowstone,” one fan wrote, “the most unrealistic thing is that they’re having an outdoor inauguration party in Montana in January.”


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