‘Yellowstone’ Star Posts On-Set Photo From Season 5: ‘Everyday I Pinch Myself’ [Picture]

Yellowstone Season 5 is less than a month away, and fans are not the only ones excited about the upcoming episodes. In a new post to social media, Yellowstone star Finn Little shares a photo from the set of the show, raving about what a dream job it is.

Australian-born Little — who joined the cast of Yellowstone in the role of Carter during Season 4 — turned to Instagram on Thursday (Oct. 20) to post a picture from the set of Season 5 in Montana. The picture shows his chair on-set, bearing his name, set up right alongside series star Kevin Costner’s chair, situated under an awning to shield them from the elements.

Costner plays Dutton family patriarch John Dutton on Yellowstone, and his character and Little’s character developed a special rapport by the end of Season 4, after Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) decided to take Carter in because both of his parents had died. Costner and Little played some fun scenes together in Season 4, and from the look of it, they’ll get the chance to do more during Season 5.

“Everyday I pinch myself,” Little writes to accompany the picture, including a string of hashtags.


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Little also has a new co-star for Season 5. Yellowstone has cast Orli Gottesman as a love interest for Carter in the new episodes.

The 16-year-old performer is set to play the role of Halie, whom Entertainment Weekly describes as a “confident, fun and outgoing girl who gravitates toward Carter.”

Little’s character seems ripe for a girlfriend. The actor has grown so much between Season 4 and Season 5 that he stunned Yellowstone fans when he posted a picture to social media when he began filming for the new season in Montana. The 15-year-old actor acknowledged that he has changed so much that even some of his Yellowstone co-workers didn’t recognize him at first.

“When you say, “Hi, nice to see you!” to the film crew and they don’t know who you are,” Little wrote to accompany the photo, which is a startling change from his Season 4 appearance:


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Yellowstone’s hotly anticipated Season 5 began filming on location in Montana in May of 2022. The new season is scheduled to premiere on Nov. 13.


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