‘Yellowstone’: The Dutton Family Cemetery Introduced 3 Unexplained Characters

Yellowstone fans know that Duttons have been buried in the same spot in Montana for over a century. The Dutton family cemetery makes more sense after 1883 revealed that Elsa was the first person to be buried on the land. However, Yellowstone and its prequels have shown clips of headstones with names that fans have yet to meet, like Patience, Chance, and Ned Dutton. Here’s who these characters might be.

The Dutton family has been buried at the Yellowstone for over a century

In Yellowstone, John Dutton proclaims that generations of Duttons have found their final resting place at their ranch. “Since 1886, every Dutton who died is buried 300 yards from my back porch. From my great-great-grandfather to my wife and my oldest son,” said John.

1883 tells the story of the 19th-century Dutton’s journey to Montana. Elsa was the first Dutton to be buried on the land after her death from an arrow wound. Her parents, James and Margaret, followed a decade later, as well as her older brother John in 1923.

Kayce and Monica’s son John is also buried on the land. He died soon after his birth. During the baby’s funeral, John (Kevin Costner) reveals that he had a brother named Peter, who died 18 hours after being born. Peter is presumably buried on the land as well.

‘Yellowstone’ shows the graves of Ned and Chance Dutton

In Yellowstone Season 5, Summer Higgins explores the Dutton family cemetery. There are several names on the headstones that Yellowstone fans have not yet met. Two of these names are Ned and Chance Dutton. It’s hard to see much on the headstones, but eagle-eyed fans have noticed the date, March 16, 1863, on Ned’s headstone.


It seems like this might be a birth rather than a death date. Taste of Country theorizes that Ned and Chance may have been Jacob and Cara’s sons. Jacob is James’ older brother, and if Ned was born in 1863, he would have been just two years older than Elsa.

It’s possible that Jacob’s sons accompanied him and Cara when they rushed to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to save Margaret’s children, but that Ned and Chance died sometime between 1893 and when the story picks back up in 1923.

Who is Patience Dutton? Her headstone hints she was born in 1931

Finally, the name Patience Dutton appears on a gravestone at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Patience has not been introduced in Yellowstone or its prequels, but she may be soon. The date 1931 appears on her headstone, though it’s hard to tell whether this is a birth or death.

The most likely scenario is that Patience is either Jack and Emma or Spencer and Alexandra’s daughter. It’s not yet clear whether Kevin Costner’s John Dutton comes from Jack or Spencer’s line. However, it’s certainly possible that one of the couples mentioned has a daughter that does not survive to adulthood.

Yellowstone Season 5 returns with new episodes this summer, 2023.


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