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‘Yellowstone’ Wishes Happy Birthday To The ‘One and Only’ Jen Landon With Epic Teeter Shots

Yesterday was Jen Landon’s birthday and “Yellowstone” is helping celebrate the actress by posting a few bad pictures of herself as Teeter. The show’s social media posted three black and white photos of Landon posing as everyone’s favorite stinky farmer.

In the first photo, Landon shows off her insane arm muscles, giving a strong look to the camera. The second, she’s looking straight ahead with an intense gaze, holding Teeter’s trucker hat. In the last photo, Landon strikes a sultry pose in her cut-off vest, white tank top, and signature hat. The photos are all black and white, but you can just tell she’s got Teeter-pink hair in all of these.


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“Happy birthday to the one and only @thejenlandon!” the show captioned their post. A couple of Landon’s costars commented on the post, wishing her a happy birthday as well.

“Happy birthday rockstar!” commented Wendy Moniz, who plays Governor Lynell Perry on “Yellowstone.” Kelly Reilly also commented, writing, “The finest and the best of all of us,” with a red heart emoji. Reilly, who plays the enigmatic Beth Dutton, has been commenting on a lot of her costars’ posts recently where she didn’t use to. Always, she’s sharing words of love and support for the people she works with.

Jen Landon replied to “Yellowstone”‘s post as well, thanking everyone for their well wishes. “Thanks everyone!!!! Let’s party!!!” she wrote, in true Teeter fashion.

With Jen Landon promoted to series regular, we can most likely expect to see a lot more of Teeter in season 5. She’s definitely a fan favorite, and showcases a unique side of female characters: a gritty, no-nonsense, dirty tomboy of a woman, and we love her for it.

‘Yellowstone’ Releases First Look at Season 5: What Can We Expect?

On Sunday night, “Yellowstone” gave fans their first official look at season 5 with a mysterious, ominous teaser trailer. According to the tagline, “All Will Be Revealed.” But, we’re hoping there’s still some mystery left for season 6 if we’re being honest.

The first look gave us some hints and things to run with for season 5, mostly contained in character reactions and expressions. First of all, we see Beth looking caught off guard by something or someone. She looks surprised at that moment, but it’s also possible that she’s gazing behind her at an urn of some sort. It’s either someone’s ashes or just part of the decorations in the house and we’re not meant to read too much into it. It’s still too early to tell.

Next, Jamie is looking a little worried, but when is he not? There’s not a lot in his look, as Jamie is relatively guarded. Though, there’s a lot to unpack for Kayce, who dramatically runs his hands over his face with a look of exhaustion. He definitely seems run-ragged; could his vision be weighing on him? Then there’s Rip, who is gearing up for war as usual.

John looks ready to take someone on, or like he’s heading out to accept his new gubernatorial title. There’s a lot of speculation that he’s going to become governor of Montana, and why wouldn’t he? That’s an obvious narrative choice, but the real surprises come from what he does with that power.


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