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‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Speaks Out About His Dramatic Physical Transformation To Play Rip Wheeler

Before joining Yellowstone Cole Hauser wasn’t necessarily in Rip Wheeler condition. The actor, like many before him, had to bulk up a bit. Is there anything that entertainment writers love to talk about more than body transformations for actors? Any time someone joins the MCU, their workout and diet regimen are talked about, and reactions over their short-term transformations run wild on Twitter.

Well, it’s about time we did that for Yellowstone.

If you’re going to be a cowboy and work on John Dutton’s ranch, you gotta be in shape. Not only that, but you learn how to be a mean S.O.B. in the process as well. Now, Hauser himself grew up on a ranch for a period of time, and had ridden horses before. But, Yellowstone was a different challenge.

When he’s in shape for a season, Hauser is an imposing force.

“Ultimately, when I walk around, I’m about 210 [pounds],” the actor explained via Express.

“I put on, sometimes, about 20 pounds just to fill him out. And get a little bit more a** and legs on him, you know!”

That last line was for all those folks who have had their hearts stolen by Rip over the years. If Hauser wants to get social media engagement he knows all he has to do is put on some leather and denim and let the rest do the talking. It’s not a bad gig if you can get it, you know? Being a Yellowstone star has some perks.

This new season is going to feature some throwback scenes, with many young versions of our favorite stars gracing the screen for Season 5.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Give Young Rip Wheeler Actor Advice

When talking about physical transformations, you have to think about what Kyle Red Silverstein will be doing to get ready to star as young Rip. That’s a task that could be daunting for some. However, Hauser and his fellow star Luke Grimes were ready to give advice to Silverstein.

“[Kyle] was asking me, ‘Give me any kind of advice.’ I said, ‘You know, I don’t really look at myself all the time in what I’m doing [as Rip]. I’m just being.’

“Luke chimed in and he goes, ‘Just take up space, kid!’ I thought that was pretty interesting.”

While Hauser might not see it, Yellowstone stars and fans know what it is that he brings to the table. A presence. You can’t take your eyes off him when he’s on-screen. It isn’t just his physical appearance on Yellowstone but the gravity he brings with his actions and his direct words.

The last season was very Beth and Rip focused for the most part. The new season seems to be setting up more depth for their story. How excited are you Outsiders to see the young versions of these characters?


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