How Old Is Each Main Character In Bridgerton?


Bridgerton is one of the biggest hits on Netflix. The third season of Bridgerton made its debut in two parts: Part 1 debuted on May 16, 2024, and Part 2 on June 13, 2024. Bridgerton Season 3 follows Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington’s love story while also following the other Bridgerton siblings like Benedict, Eloise, and Francesca Bridgerton. The Bridgerton series is set in the Regency Era, and Penelope is almost considered a spinster by the third season. But how old is Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton? And how old are the rest of the Bridgerton siblings?

Fans of Bridgerton know that the customs and society rules of the time aren’t the same as they are in the modern era. Women of a certain social class made their debut into society around the ages of seventeen and eighteen. Most debutantes were expected to find a husband during London’s ‘marriage mart’ and ‘season,’ which usually consisted of about six months of social events, formal balls, and sporting events. Daphne Bridgerton made her debut into society during Bridgerton Season 1, which is set in 1813, while Eloise Bridgerton made her debut in Season 2. So, how old were the Bridgerton sisters, and how old are the rest of the main characters in Bridgerton?

The Eldest Bridgerton Brothers Were All Over Twenty During Bridgerton Season 1
Anthony, Benedict and Colin Bridgerton Were Born In the Late 1700s

Anthony Bridgerton was around 29 years old during Bridgerton Season 1. Anthony was born around 1785 or 1784 and is the eldest Bridgerton sibling. In the Bridgerton book series, Anthony’s exact birthday is September 17, 1784. However, Netflix’s Bridgerton hasn’t officially mentioned his date of birth. Anthony is the 9th Viscount Bridgerton, taking over the title and responsibilities after his father’s untimely death. He is the main protagonist of Bridgerton Season 2, which follows The Viscount Who Loved Me, Bridgerton’s second book in the series, which follows Anthony’s love story.

Benedict Bridgerton is about two years younger than Anthony. His date of birth isn’t stated in the TV series, and while the Bridgerton book series doesn’t mention Benedict’s birthday either, it does state he was born in 1786. This would make Benedict 27 years old during Bridgerton Season 1. Benedict is more free-spirited than his older brother, and for this reason, he has a harder time finding his path in life. Benedict’s love story is the third book in the Bridgerton book series, titled An Offer From a Gentleman.

Colin Bridgerton was born on March 2, 1791, according to the Bridgerton book series. This would make Colin about 22 years old during Bridgerton Season 1. Colin is the main focus of Bridgerton Season 3, which is an adaptation of Romancing Mister Bridgerton, the fourth book in the Bridgerton book series. Bridgerton’s latest season takes place in 1815, meaning Colin is 24 years old during Bridgerton Season 3. This is one of the many changes in Bridgerton Season 3 since Romancing Mister Bridgerton actually takes place in 1824, making Colin 33 years old by the time he gets married.

Daphne Is Only Eighteen Months Younger Than Colin
Daphne Made Her Debut Into Society During Bridgerton Season 1

Bridgerton Season 1 introduced the Bridgerton family for the first time following Daphne Bridgerton’s debut into society. Daphne is the eldest Bridgerton daughter and the fourth Bridgerton sibling. While the Netflix adaptation isn’t clear about Daphne’s age, she would be around 18 years old during Bridgerton Season 1 since she’s making her debut into society. However, the Bridgerton book series states Daphne’s birth year is 1792, meaning Daphne was 21 years old in 1813.


Another change the Bridgerton series made from the book is that by 1813, Daphne was in her second year as a debutante, which would mean she most likely made her debut at a later age than most, being about 19 or 20 years old. Daphne falls in love and marries Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, during Bridgerton Season 1. Their love story was the first in the Bridgerton book series, with their book titled The Duke and I.

Eloise and Francesca Are Only One Year Apart
Eloise Is Four Years Younger Than Daphne In the Book Series

Eloise Bridgerton is the fifth Bridgerton sibling and makes her debut into society in Bridgerton Season 2. However, she doesn’t seem interested in finding a husband, and instead, Season 2 follows Eloise growing closer to Theo Sharpe, a printer’s assistant. While the TV series doesn’t mention Eloise’s age, Netflix’s Bridgerton seems to show Daphne and Eloise are closer in age. However, in the Bridgerton book series, Eloise is four years younger than Daphne. Eloise was born in 1796, meaning she was only 17 years old during Bridgerton Season 1. Eloise’s love story is detailed in the fifth Bridgerton book, To Sir Phillip, With Love.

Francesca Bridgerton is the sixth Bridgerton sibling and the closest in age to Eloise. Francesca was born in 1797, according to the book series. This would mean Francesca was 16 years old during Bridgerton Season 1 and only 18 years old during Bridgerton Season 3. However, Francesca seems to be older in the Bridgerton TV series. In the books, Francesca makes her debut and marries during the 1818 season at the age of 21. Francesca’s book is the sixth in the series, titled When He Was Wicked.

Gregory and Hyacinth Are the Youngest of the Bridgerton Family
Gregory and Hyacinth Are the Only Bridgerton Siblings Born In the 1800s

Gregory Bridgerton is the youngest Bridgerton son and the seventh Bridgerton sibling. While the Bridgerton TV series doesn’t focus much on the youngest Bridgerton siblings, the Bridgerton book series states Gregory was born in 1801. As such, Gregory would be only 12 years old during Bridgerton Season 1 and 14 years old in Bridgerton Season 3. Gregory’s love story is the last in the Bridgerton book series, titled On The Way to the Wedding.

Hyacinth Bridgerton is the youngest Bridgerton sibling and was born after her father, Edmund Bridgerton, sadly passed away. Hyacinth was born in 1803 and was 10 years old during Bridgerton Season 1. By Season 3, Hyacinth is 12 years old. The Bridgerton book series is set between 1813 and 1827, and Hyacinth’s book is the seventh in the series, titled It’s In His Kiss.

Penelope Featherington Is the Youngest Featherington Sister In the Bridgerton TV Series
Penelope Has a Younger Sister In the Bridgerton Book Series

Penelope Featherington is about the same age as Eloise Bridgerton. This is one of the reasons why Penelope and Eloise are such good friends. Netflix’s Bridgerton doesn’t mention Penelope’s age, but the Bridgerton book series mentions she was born on April 8, 1796. Penelope made her debut a year earlier than Eloise, in 1813. During Bridgerton Season 1, Penelope was only 17 years old. This is the same year she began writing as Lady Whistledown. In Bridgerton Season 3, Penelope is 19 years old.

Unlike the TV series, in the Bridgerton book series,Penelope marries Colin Bridgerton at the age of 28. Penelope also has a younger sister, Felicity Featherington, who is around the same age as Hyacinth Bridgerton. However, Penelope is the youngest Featherington sister in the Netflix adaptation. Penelope and Colin’s love story is the main focus of Bridgerton Season 3, as well as in the fourth Bridgerton book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

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