1923 Season 2: Everything To Know About The Cast, Plot And More


From a possible setback due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes to who will return, here’s everything to know about season 2 of ‘1923’

Fans were thrilled when the Yellowstone spin-off series 1923 — led by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren — debuted in December 2022.

1923 is the second prequel to Yellowstone, which stars Kevin Costner as the fictitious John Dutton. The first prequel, 1883, starred real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and aired in December 2021. Set four decades after the first spin-off, 1923, centers around Dutton’s ancestors Jacob and Cara Dutton, played by Ford and Mirren, respectively.

Ahead of the season 1 finale of 1923, Paramount+ confirmed that a second season of the show is coming. However, production on the series has been delayed by the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Still, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to look forward to when season 2 does begin. Here is everything you need to know about season 2 of 1923.

When will 1923 season 2 be released?

Fans of 1923 received great news in February 2023 when Harrison Ford visited the Today show and told the audience that season 2 of the series was confirmed and that he planned to reprise his role as Jacob Dutton.

However, since then, there hasn’t been an update on when the second season of the show will come out. The show will likely be delayed due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Ford has previously shared that he’s happy in the role of Jacob Dutton. In December 2022, he told The New York Times he doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon and explained, “I love it. I love the challenge and the process of making a movie. I feel at home. It’s what I’ve spent my life doing.”

Who is in the cast of season 2 of 1923?

In addition to Ford, the cast for the second season of 1923 includes Helen Mirren, Darren Mann, Brandon Sklenar, Michelle Randolph, Jerome Flynn, Aminah Nieves, Julia Schlaepfer, Brian Geraghty, Timothy Dalton, Sebastian Rouche, Robert Patrick and Isabel May.

In December 2022, show creator Taylor Sheridan told Deadline of Ford and Mirren, “They were excited. They only signed on originally for one season. They were so eager to continue it.”


A few months later, Mirren herself told the audience at TheWrap’s 2023 Awards Season Screening Series that she more than enjoyed filming with Ford. She said, “I had to be in the bed with him, you know. I’m dressed up to here. But I’m lying there and I’m thinking, ‘I’m in bed with Harrison Ford.’ I was so excited, I can’t tell you. I had to pretend to be cool. Don’t tell him. Promise me.”

What is 1923 season 2 about?

The plot for season 2 of 1923 has been kept tightly under wraps.

Season 1 of 1923 culminated in a fight between Hank (Michael Greyeyes) and Teonna (Aminah Nieves). While Teonna survived the battle, it’s still unclear if she will manage to evade those who are looking for her.

Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) and Alex (Julia Schlaepfer)’s love story also ended in tragedy after the pair encountered Alex’s former fiancé and his family onboard a ship and Spencer entered into a duel with the man, who ultimately died. It’s expected that they will each have to make their paths to Yellowstone on their own, and hopefully will reunite.

The Duttons are also up against a lot, as Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) is focused on tearing down Jacob (Harrison Ford) and Cara (Helen Mirren) as slowly and effectively as possible.

Is there a trailer for 1923 season 2?

A trailer for the second season of 1923 has not been released.

Where can I watch season 2 of 1923?

1923 streams on Paramount+.

Who is directing season 2 of 1923?

Ben Richardson (who also works as a cinematographer on the series) directed six of the eight episodes in season 1 of 1923 and is slated to direct the second season as well.

When did filming of season 2 of 1923 start and finish?

Filming for season 2 of 1923 was set to begin in June 2023, though that was delayed by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. It is unclear when filming will begin.

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