After CBS Confirmed Blue Bloods Is Ending, A Lot Of Fans Have The Same Feelings


It’s still tough for me to believe that Blue Bloods will be ending after Season 14, after myriad family dinner scenes and many memorable moments with the Reagan Family. As it turns out, other fans are having trouble adjusting to the idea of a world without the popular New York-set series, and a lot of those fans have the same feelings I do.

While a lot of shows have been cancelled in 2023, CBS isn’t unceremoniously axing Blue Bloods, and old episodes will still be available with a Paramount+ subscription. Still, the show has already embarked on a farewell tour, taking to places like Twitter to make sure fans know they will only get to bask in the glory of Tom Selleck’s mustache for 18 more episodes. That’s all folks!

Obviously this would be big news to anyone who tuned in regularly, but fans seem to be in either one of two camps: the first not believing the show could actually be ending and the second just operating from a place of devastation.

You’d think that after 14 seasons and literal years of speculation about when Blue Bloods could end would have prepared people for this outcome, but it still seems to be a big surprise for a wide swathe of fans.

  • Not the final season! No!
  • No. This can’t be true.
  • OH NO!! Final season!? Please no. It’s one of the last good shows on television.
  • Final season????!!! Donnie Wahlberg — say it isn’t ending!!!!
  • Wait FINAL Like the end of the series?????

So as you can see, the news was extremely startling to a slew of people, many of whom have been watching the Reagans on CBS for more than a decade. However, when it comes to fan responses on X (Twitter), shock wasn’t the only frequently touted emotion. Sadness was rampant as well.

  • I just found out #BlueBloods is ending after the next season and I’m now outrageously depressed.
  • This is going to be sad we are going miss you guys very much thank you so much being part of your family Regans family. You will be in our hearts forever.
  • What a ride but my heart is breaking, DonnieWahlberg.
  • I felt in my gut since last year this would be the last season but I’m still really sad because the Reagan family feels like my family!
  • Why does it have to be the final season?? This is heartbreaking news.

While some shows sometimes lose oomph as they age on television, other shows sort of become a bit like comfort food, able to be counted on week in and out. In recent years some long-running shows like Blue Bloods have operated like the latter. They work because they feel a little like your own family — but with a bit of extra crime and drama peppered in. Yet all good shows must end, and this one has been ready to say goodbye since Season 11 at least.

While it’s pretty much always the pits when a series gets canceled, the good news is the drama will be hitting the 2024 TV schedule soon. Of course, this will be an extended farewell tour. Due to the WGA Strike and Actors’ Strike, a slew of TV shows were delayed, Blue Bloods among them. Ten episodes are set to air this winter, with an additional eight wrapping up the series in the fall of 2024. I’m sure there will be plenty of goodbyes from the cast along the way, and we’ll keep you posted through every step of that journey.

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