After Donnie Wahlberg’s Comment, Blue Bloods Fans Are More Hopeful Than Ever For Danny And Maria Romance


Blue Bloods may be ending, but there’s still time for fans to express hope for certain storylines. One of those has been ongoing for several seasons now, and it’s Danny and Baez’s blossoming relationship. The two partners have shown the lengths they would go for one another, and a possible romance between the two has been subtly alluded to over the years. Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny recently made a comment about his on-screen partner and, now, fans are as hopeful as ever.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Donnie Wahlberg replied to a fan, who was watching the latest episode of Blue Bloods. Said person commented on Danny’s expression when Baez went out for a drink with someone else. The NKOTB member had a very appropriate response, and it’s making me hope that it means something big is in store for the longtime partners:

He is not pleased. ❤️💙April 13, 2024

Marisa Ramirez joined Blue Bloods as Maria Baez during the third season in a recurring capacity before being upped to series regular for Season 4 after Jennifer Esposito’s Jackie Curatola left. At that time, Amy Carlson was still playing Danny’s wife, Linda Reagan, who was killed off screen in a helicopter crash ahead of the Season 8 premiere. Since then (and maybe even before), fans have hoped something would happen between Danny and Baez, and it seems like the Band of Brothers alum could be hinting at something more.

Considering the long-held speculation, it’s no surprising that fans are hoping that that something greater might be in the works. Some people took to the comments under Donnie Wahlberg’s reply, with @BenOakHunt expressing exhaustion from waiting so long for the relationship to take a romantic turn:

Oh please let Danny and Maria get together, it has been a long wait!!! And if do not get to see it play out, I am going to stop watching CBS

The end of Blue Bloods is inching closer and closer on the 2024 TV schedule (and I hope it gets miracle reverse cancellation like S.W.A.T.). So there isn’t a lot of time left for Danny and Baez to realize their feelings for each other. With that, @BrandyLamberth is demanding that something be done, and I’m right there with them:


@DonnieWahlberg I need you to speed up this process and get that woman!!

Of course, even if the two do end up together, we may not get to see that actually play out in full due to the show’s impending demise. User @tnormandeau22 voiced their displeasure with such a scenario taking place:

Listen. If this show wraps up with a Danny/Baez romance (!!) and we don’t get to see it play out, I swearrrr…..👊

If Danny and Baez were to finally get together, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was at the end of the series, as that tends to happen in a lot of shows. While there isn’t any guarantee that a romance is coming, the fact that Donnie Wahlberg is continuing to tease it might suggest he’s intentionally teeing it up. Meanwhile, a recent episode of Blue Bloods saw Danny telling a serial killer he didn’t want to start a relationship with his partner “because I don’t want anyone that I love to ever be put in danger again.” That could always change.

Danny and Baez would obviously not be the first two characters on BB to start a relationship after being partners, as Jamie and Eddie are still going strong despite no longer being partners at work. I’d like to think that Danny and Baez would make a great couple and, until the final episode airs, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they find love with each other.

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