America Lopez Can Only Win Big Brother 25 If She Takes Out This Skilled Player


Big Brother 25’s America Lopez has been favoring social moves over competition wins, but in order to win, one houseguest needs to leave the game.

As Big Brother 25 houseguest America Lopez has moved through the game she’s been trying to keep her eyes on the prize, but may need to take out her closest ally to do so. Throughout the season, America has made social moves that have changed the trajectory of the game, but is often discredited in the eyes of the other houseguests. America has been playing herself off as unintelligent and ditzy. A graduate of Brown University, America is anything but unintelligent, but allowing the other houseguests to think she’s dumb has been part of her gameplay, along with the added agent of her showmance with Cory Wurtenberger.

America and Cory’s relationship began as a flirty final 2 deal that they hoped would carry them to the end, but quickly blossomed into something real. The pair have made things official in the house and have plans to spend time visiting each other often after Big Brother 25 ends, but America may need to put a stop to Cory’s game before she can focus on what happens next. According to Reddit user u/User-Error-0809, America, “is fully in Cory’s Shadow, they are too much of a duo for people to see what she has done on her own merit.”

America Lopez’s Big Brother 25 Journey Explained

America came into BB 25 hoping to play the game with bold moves and big targets. As a life-long fan of the series, America has a huge knowledge of Big Brother and was thrilled to be living her dream. She joined an alliance that crumbled, but got close to Cory during the first few weeks of competition and aligned with him. The pair got closer, developing a relationship in the house that escalated from flirting to feelings in just a few weeks. Throughout her time on Big Brother, America has helped spearhead the evictions of massive targets Izzy Gliecher and Jared Fields, as well as both evictions of Cameron Hardin.



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While America has made huge moves in the game, it’s possible without Cory in the mix, she may finally get to take credit for them. Cory, who operates alongside America as though they’re playing as a duo, has been the face of some of the bigger moves in the game. He was one of Izzy’s closest allies and was blamed for her eviction, and as the Head Of Household when Jared was evicted, got more credit for that, too. While America would likely not choose to take Cory out on her own considering their romantic relationship, removing him from the game would allow her moves to slowly become her own.

Though America and Cory have been working as a unit throughout their time on Big Brother, it seems likely that the pair won’t last the length of the game together. While Cory has a much tougher path to win in the long-run of the season, America seems like she may be able to skirt through the competition if she’s left to her own devices. It’s possible that if Cory is to leave the BB house, America could easily make it to the end of the game. While she may not secure a win, she could be part of Big Brother’s finale night.

Big Brother season 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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