Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Cameron Is Now Spilling The Tea — Matt & Jag In Danger!


It happened. Jag took down Felicia at Monday’s Veto meeting on “Big Brother 25″ and Bowie put up Cameron in her place. And he’ll be evicted (again) on Thursday.

But we’re not going to be overdramatic here and speak as though the guy has zero chance to advance in the game, and mostly for one simple reason: We are talking here about a season where people flip all the time! It feels unlikely but for now, it feels like his goose is cooked and even he knows it.

Now, Cameron seems to be campaigning already with the idea of throwing Matt and Jag under the bus and saying that he can be used to go after them — which makes at least some sense. If he goes, then he still seems to be setting people up to go after them. He told Cirie a lot of information that she’s already told Felicia, and it feels like we are getting closer to these two plus Blue becoming more of a sure-fire trio who can trust and rely on one another.

Cameron expected the backdoor after America basically spilled the beans on Sunday and spent Monday morning interrogating Matt when he knew about it. Matt, Bible in hand, claimed he didn’t know about it until Sunday, but Cam knew it was B.S. He said it felt personal because he was ride or die with the Fugitives, so he’s going to look like an idiot talking about them on national TV. Cam took his backdoor like a champ and acted unbothered. He knows he’s doomed and his last act in the house is to throw Matt and Jag under the bus and expose their game. He spilled to Cirie that that they were part of Jared‘s eviction and how they (mostly Jag) convinced him not to backdoor Cory last week. He said she needs to look past her dislike of Cory because Matt and Jag are the ones playing everyone. This awakened Cirie because she started gaming for the first time since Izzy left. She compared notes with Felicia and realized that if Cory goes, the two of them are next, so they discussed forming an alliance with America to target Matt and Jag.


Cirie and Felicia convened with Bowie and clocked that everyone just uses them for votes. Cirie also shared Cameron’s Matt and Jag tea with Blue, who then chatted with Cameron and got an earful. Never to keep anything to herself, Blue downloaded this Matt and Jag, who are going to minimize the damage Cameron has done with the “deny, deny, deny” tactic. They’re also plotting for the future and Jag doesn’t think Cory will go after them yet (lol), so he’s comfortable throwing HOH and hoping Blue and Cory will go after each other.

Is Cameron’s new mission really working?

Yes, Cameron’s plan to once again be a chaos agent is working, but that doesn’t mean it’ll save his game. Just like his first eviction, it seems unlikely this vote will flip, but he’s happy to watch it all burn down his last few days in the house.

Is Matt and Jag in danger?

The biggest issue Matt and Jag face for now is simply that they are in more danger than they realize, and Matt’s loyalty to Cirie so far in this game may be an issue. She’s trusted him a good bit this season, but she’s seen now that he will double-deal and we don’t think she wants to go through this whole experience only to lose in the end. She is pretty dangerous moving forward, but we don’t think anyone understands just how much. Otherwise, they’d be getting rid of her now!

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