Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Jag Is Planning A ‘Double Blindside’


Here’s a little Big Brother chaos to brighten your Week 11 inside the Big Brother 25 house! Thanks to the BB Comics twist this week a surprising Double Veto landed on the HGs this Saturday and opened up a whole new idea inside the mind of our “not-so-Invisible” HOH. Buckle up for this one.

When the Double Veto concluded overnight we soon discovered that HOH Jag Bains and his original target Blue Kim had both won matching Vetoes. Well there went his big plan to target and evict his former close ally Blue. So with Blue of course using the Veto and a renom in the works what was Jag going to do?

Well, If you had an idea of an exciting situation with Jag deciding to double blindside Cory & America but dismissed the idea thinking it was too bold for little ol’ Jag. Then hold that thought.

Flashback to 12:52 AM BBT 10/15 Cams 3/4 to find Jag outside talking with Blue about his plan for the week ahead.

Jag wants to apologize to Blue. He says he fell victim to the smooth talkings of Cory and America but admits it was his responsibility for taking that action to nominate her. He wants to make it up to Blue and he’s got a big plan to go with that idea.

Jag explains when Blue uses her Veto on herself then he will use his Veto on Felicia. He will not be leaving Felicia up and renom’ing Cirie to sit next to her. Instead, Jag is going to wipe the slate and start over with two new nominations for this week on BB25. Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez. Oh my.


Yes, Jag is planning to double blindside America and Cory to make sure at least one of them goes home. Jag says he isn’t going to be worried about other powers or twists this week. He feels he needs to take this swing now. “Both of them aren’t going to stay safe,” explains Jag.

Well as far as we know, this is the end of the special powers this week, but who knows what production could have planned (or suddenly planned). We’re sure this is way more exciting from a production perspective. Splitting up the showmance instead of getting out little ol’ Felicia has a much bigger effect on the game and really is the smarter move here.

Anything is possible over the next day and a half, but at this point Jag has told everyone but Cory & America and Felicia. Felicia doesn’t know though because she’s still in her 24-hours of confinement otherwise we’re sure Mr. Talkative would have revealed those details to her by now.

So what do you think? Will Jag make the move or get nervous and walk it back? And should Cory and America be on the Block together then who will survive the vote come Thursday? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and let’s watch for what’s ahead on Big Brother 25!

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