Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 12 HOH Comp Winner & The Potential Targets!


Big Brother 25 is once again in the Scaryverse. This week’s Head of Household Competition has a cameo from Big Brother 17’s Johnny Mac (in some form). Then we’ll see if America can avenge Cory’s recent eviction. Jag and Matt orchestrated Cory’s eviction, which has put America at a game disadvantage and devastated her emotionally.

She wants revenge. The best way to ensure this is by winning this week’s Head of Household Competition. It’s a complicated HOH to win because next week is the next double eviction. It takes the houseguests from the final seven to the final five. In this week’s eviction, the Head of Household will be vulnerable to the following eviction.

Last week, it was revealed that Jag would play in this week’s Big BrotherHead of Household competition, despite being the outgoing secret HOH. Matt and he need this week’s win the most because almost everyone would likely target them as the remaining duo. If Jag or Matt wins HOH, America and Blue are probably the two players most in danger.

They will likely focus their target on America, as she’s definitely not working with them again in the game. Blue may go if they think she’s a better competitor. Felicia, Bowie, and Cirie will likely try to continue to try to stay out of the fire by avoiding the HOH. Nevertheless, if it’s a timed competition, it’s anyone’s game to win.

Remember; Host Julie Chen Moonves revealed last night that the HGs would return to the Scaryverse for this next competition as they face the return of Johnny Mac as the Demented Dentist. The sneak peek we got at the competition looked pretty creepy. Looks like they might have to solve a crime scene puzzle and probably time based to determine the winner. We’ll see it play out on Sunday night, but no reason to wait that long for the spoilers and results! So who won this week’s Head of Household? Read below to find out.


Week 12 HoH Comp results:

Jag is the new Head of Household

Yes, you read that right. Jag is Head of Household and will be calling the shots this week. Again. Now will he finish off the job of targeting America to completely remove the Americory duo or will he switch it up to be Felicia and Cirie as this week’s targets? We’ll see on Friday during the nomination ceremony who Jag decides to nominate and who he’ll target to send out the door to join Cory in the jury with Cameron. However, he could also try to finish what he tried last week by trying to evict Blue. He’s currently leaning toward trying to evict Blue.

So with this “big news” of a Double Eviction next Thursday. Who do you want out the door next? Share your picks in the comment section below.

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