Big Brother Alum Frenchie Reveals How Fans Threatened His Family And Farm


Brandon “Frenchie” French made an eye-opening social media post not so long ago.

The former Big Brother 23 cast member revealed the dark side of reality TV fandom. During the Summer 2021 season, Frenchie became the second person sent home, but he provided some very entertaining Big Brother play during his brief stint.

Frenchie frequently interacts with fans on social media, sometimes cracking jokes. But this time, he has a more serious message for his fans and followers about the good and bad of shows like Big Brother. Within the message, he also teased a possible movie role in his future.

“I was talking to a local about Big Brother. This person said it’s easy being on tv because businesses want to work with you etc… I looked at her now let me tell you about the parts you don’t see,” Frenchie began a Facebook post.

“Big brother has some of the best fans in the world but they also have some of the most toxic,” he noted before revealing some shocking details.


“I had my farm threatened to be burned down, my kids lives were threatened to be killed to the point I had to get the fbi involved. You no longer have any kind of privacy,” Frenchie noted about the dark side of being on television.

“Everybody thinks they ‘know you’ just because they watched you on tv, or think they knew what you were thinking while you were in there,” Frenchie added.

He also adds that he would play the game again in a heartbeat, even with the negative side of things.

He also talks about the need to “have super thick skin” to deal with the possible backlash some players experience from playing Big Brother.

Frenchie is not the only one who has recieved such threatds before. Fellow former Big Brother Houseguests like Janelle Pierzina also stated that someone tried to get her fired as a real estate agent due to her Big Brother opinions.

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