Big Brother Season 26 Live Feed Rumors Would Be “Catastrophic” For The Game (SPOILERS)


Big Brother 26 premieres on Wednesday, July 17 and Thursday, July 18, but a rumor about the live feeds has one alum of the show worried that the results could be “catastrophic.”Big Brother 26 follows in the footsteps of Big Brother 25, which was filled with twists and turns. The addition of Survivor legend Cirie Fields to the cast was shocking enough, but the fact that she was secretly playing the game with her son, Jared, really shook things up. In addition, winner Jag Bains and runner-up Matt Klotz made history as the first-ever Sikh and deaf houseguests, respectively.

“Live premieres are usually super awkward to watch, but sacrificing night one (and potentially more) feeds is catastrophic.”

In an X post, Big Brother fan account @hamsterwatch #bb26 wrote that they heard that the Big Brother 26 press day is Monday, July 8, while move-in day would be Tuesday, July 16, which is the day before the premiere. This could mean that the live feeds might not be turned on until Thursday night.

In an X post, Big Brother 25 alum Cory Wurtenberger wrote, “Seeing some batsh*** tweets today. Live premieres are usually super awkward to watch, but sacrificing night one (and potentially more) feeds is catastrophic. You’d have missed the entire reason Kirsten [Elwin] was targeted along with the foundations of so many alliances on 25.”

Is It A Good Idea For Big Brother 26 To Delay Live Feeds?
Recent Seasons Have Had Live Move-Ins

In recent seasons, Big Brother had live move-ins on premiere night. However, during old school Big Brother, this wasn’t the case. There are advantages and disadvantages to the feeds being delayed due to a pre-taped premiere. On the one hand, the competitions could be longer and more challenging if they weren’t filmed live. However, the lack of live feeds leaves viewers to piece together what happened when the cameras were off. Those first few days of gameplay are crucial, and Cory is right that not seeing them play out live on the feeds would be detrimental to the game.



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If Big Brother didn’t include viewers in the game by allowing them to vote for houseguests to earn powers and privileges, then it wouldn’t matter if the live feeds were delayed. However, it’s unfair for the houseguests to have the beginnings of their stories told by the producers, who are notorious for manipulating things in the CBS episodes in order to fit their narrative. Cory makes a good point about how much viewers would’ve missed if the Big Brother 25 live feeds would’ve been delayed. Viewers need the whole unbiased story in order to make good voting decisions.

Big Brother 26 has a lot of expectations, but it already seems to be starting off on the wrong foot for viewers with this rumor about the live feeds being postponed. Hopefully, this won’t happen, and there will be a live move-in like in recent years. It’s so exciting to see the unedited reactions of the houseguests as they enter the house for the first time. The Big Brother 26 live feeds must begin on night one in order to tell the whole story.

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