Every Episode Of Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Recapped


Farmer Wants A Wife has returned in 2024 for its 14th season!

And as always with the rural reality show, viewers are in for a thrilling roller coaster ride of budding romances and semi-dramatic confrontations.

However, we understand that it’s not always possible to watch an episode as soon as it airs…

If you want to stay up to date with Farmer Wants A Wife 2024, but have missed an episode or two, read on for our recap of each episode but beware there are spoilers ahead!

Episode 16:
In this episode of Farmer Wants A Wife, the show heads to Sydney for a big night out. Tensions rise as drama unfolds from the previous night when Daisy sneaks into Todd’s room. Jacinta, feeling betrayed, accuses Daisy of disrespecting their agreement. Todd, who is infatuated with Daisy despite his friends’ disapproval, remains focused on her. During the outing, Jacinta confronts Daisy, leading to a heated argument about Daisy’s intentions. Daisy defends her actions, claiming she was only looking for a vacuum cleaner. The confrontation ends with Jacinta being eliminated by Todd, who then follows Daisy, solidifying their connection.

Episode 15:
During Tuesday’s Farmer Wants A Wife episode, a shocking turn of events sees an entire group of hopeful women sent back home. As the finale approaches and the farmers embark on their final dates, Farmer Bert reveals his true intentions and that he does not see a future with any of the women. His sudden disappearance leaves the women bewildered and questioning what went wrong. Bert’s emotional confession about his inability to commit further complicates matters, leaving the women stunned and disappointed.

Episode 14:
In a heated episode of Farmer Wants A Wife, tensions escalate between city girl Karli and her jealous rival Caitlin. Caitlin exposes Karli’s hidden motives to Farmer Bert’s family, alleging she’s aiming for fame and brand deals. Despite Karli’s efforts to impress with her culinary skills, Caitlin’s revelations cast a shadow over her actions. Bert’s family opts for a date with Brooke instead of either contestant, leaving both Karli and Caitlin disappointed.

Episode 13:
In this episode, we had it all…drama, love and sheep. Farmer Tom faces a tough decision when it comes to his future with either Krissy or Sarah, and the rest of the Farmer’s go on dates selected by their friends. Against a backdrop of sheep and a Cinderella dress, Farmer Tom’s concerns about an age gap lead to the dismissal of one contestant, Krissy, despite subsequent, awkward apologies. In contrast, Sarah receives affirmation of affection from Farmer Tom.

Episode 12:
In this episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, fan-favourite couple Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan return to assist Farmer Joe with a crucial decision.

Joe, childhood friends with Andrew, seeks their guidance in selecting a lady for a solo date before finalising his top two choices. Jess and Andrew engage in heartfelt conversations with the three remaining ladies, providing valuable insights to Joe.

Claire emerges as the chosen one for the next date, as she needs more time to deepen her bond with Joe. With Andrew and Jess’s support, Joe eagerly anticipates this date as a potential turning point in his journey towards finding true love.

Episode 11:
On the latest episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, tensions rose as contestant Joe confronted rumours about one of his potential partners, Calya.

During a camping trip, whispers circulated that Calya didn’t envision a future on the farm, sparking concerns among the other contestants, particularly Keely. Feeling frustrated by the drama, Keely took it upon herself to inform Joe about Calya’s sentiments.

This led to a tense dinner discussion where Joe sought clarification directly from Calya. Ultimately, Calya admitted that she couldn’t see herself committing fully to farm life, prompting Joe to end their relationship, citing compatibility issues. It was a tough decision, but both parties recognized the importance of staying true to their aspirations.

Episode 10:
In the latest episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, Todd, the newest farmer from Baan Baa, met eight women eager for his heart.

After speed dating, he narrowed the field to five: Daisy, Iyesha, Grace, Jacinta, and Ellen.

Later, during a camping evening with the other couples, Daisy revealed her past marriage, surprising Todd but showing her readiness for a new relationship. Grace, meanwhile, connected with Todd over shared family values and farm life experience.

As tensions rose and connections deepened, Todd faced tough decisions, guided by co-host Natalie. With sparks flying and emotions running high, the search for love on the farm continues.

Episode 9:
A few solo dates took place in Episode 9 of Farmer Wants A Wife, and one in particular was rather steamy… All the remaining ladies were asked to anonymously submit a date idea and each Farmer chose a date not knowing who submitted it.

Farmer Dustin picked Sophie’s yabbying at the dam date. Farmer Bert picked Brooke’s creative painting date. Farmer Tom picked Karli’s blindfold date. And Farmer Joe picked Keely’s body painting and candle lit bath date… This meant Keely got Joe to strip down.

“I was definitely very happy to see Joe in his birthday suit. I think all the other girls are probably going to hate me for this,” she said.

Also in this episode, some drama ensued when Karli hijacked Brooke’s date with Bert; she took him away and made him do her date submission too.

And everyone was left shocked when Samantha and Natalie introduced a new Farmer to replace Farmer Dean: Farmer Todd!

Episode 8:
There was a little bit of drama among the ladies in Episode 8. For starters, Calya accused Keely and Claire of not being honest about their feelings for Farmer Joe. Then at the ‘elimination’ when Joe decided not to send anyone home, Cayla again said Keely and Claire aren’t ‘being honest’ – but this time it was in front of Joe. Joe said Cayla wasn’t being fair on the girls and that was that… for now.


Karli also wasn’t happy; she was excited for someone to be sent home but was disappointed when Farmer Bert decided not to eliminate anyone.

Other things that occurred in the episode included Farmer Dustin and his ladies assisting a pregnant cow that was having difficulty during birth; thankfully Midwife Anna delivered the calf safely. Not to mention, Farmer Tom and Farmer Dustin introduced their respective ladies to their grandmothers and Chloe left the show for good after realising farm life just wasn’t for her.

Episode 7:
Poor Farmer Joe had his heart ripped out in Episode 7. He’d been getting extremely close with Susie; he even told the other Farmers, “I can see myself falling in love with her.”

But Susie realised that farm life just isn’t for her and so, she wanted to leave the show and return to the city.

“You deserve someone who is sure about that lifestyle. And it would be really disingenuous for me to stay. I’ve tried and I realised I don’t like it,” she said, breaking the news to Joe.

She cried, he cried… It was very emotional for a Farmer Wants A Wife episode.

Clearly hurt by Susie leaving, Joe then told his remaining ladies that if they want to be with him, they need to love farm life.

“The farm is an extension of me. It’s my life. It’s where I want to be. And that won’t change about me at all,” he said.

Other things that happened in Episode 7, included the annual Country Ball – meaning the Farmers and their ladies enjoyed music, dancing and wine – and each Farmer choosing one lady for the next solo date.

Farmer Bert picked Karli, Farmer Dustin picked Izzy, Farmer Joe picked Calya and Farmer Tom picked Sarah A.

Episode 6:
Episode 6 was a doozy. Seriously, if you don’t want major spoilers for Farmer Wants A Wife 2024, avoid the next paragraph or two…

The biggest shock was Farmer Dean ending his Farmer Wants A Wife journey early. He sent both Bella and Tiffany home and then confessed to Teegan that he was in love with her.

Another notable thing that transpired in Farmer Wants A Wife Episode 6 was that all of the Farmers’ respective mothers chose two new ladies for each of them. The Farmers then met up with their mum’s choices and each could invite one back to their farm.

And finally, both Lauren (one of Farmer Bert’s ladies) and Angela (one of Farmer Tom’s ladies) both left the show of their own accord. Lauren didn’t like the whole mother’s choice thing and Angela realised that farm life just wasn’t for her.

Episode 5:
In Episode 5, Farmer Dean confronted Teegan about the anonymous text he’d received. Ultimately though, they mutually decided to ignore it and move on.

Also in this episode, Farmer Joe stirred up some drama by announcing at dinner that he and Keely kissed at the country rodeo. All of his ladies got upset at this revelation, especially Keely and Calya. Cayla even ended up walking out of the dinner…

Episode 4:
Farmer Wants A Wife is usually pretty tame when it comes to scandals… However, in this episode Farmer Dean shared with his fellow Farmers that he’d received an anonymous text. A text that said Teegan has a boyfriend on the outside. That’s a definite scandal!

Farmer Tom then shared this juicy gossip with his ladies. And as gossip always does, it travelled… Tiffany from Farmer Dean’s farm found out about the news and so, confronted Teegan in front of everyone, including Dean.

Teegan stormed off crying and Dean immediately followed her. This made Hayley realise Dean has very strong feelings for Teegan, so she decided to leave the farm all together.

Also in Episode 4, Olivia, who wasn’t invited back to Farmer Bert’s farm, asked host Samantha Armytage if she could have a chance at love with Farmer Joe… Samantha passed along the message, and asked Joe if he wanted to invite Olivia back to his farm.

Ultimately though, Joe decided that it wouldn’t be fair to his ladies, so he told Samantha he didn’t want to invite Olivia back to his farm.

Episode 3:
In Episode 3, Karli stole Farmer Bert for a chat, even though she wasn’t up for an eviction. The other ladies understandably got a bit fired up and confronted Karli about this.

This whole debacle led to April feeling a bit uneasy about Karli’s behaviour, so she shared her feelings with Bert. However, Bert then sent April home citing that he doesn’t like being in the ‘midst of drama.’ Yikes, poor April.

Nothing else of note really happened in this episode, aside from obviously Farmer Dean bravely saving a cow from drowning in the mud.

Episode 2:
In Episode 2, we see the remaining Farmers, Joe and Tom, go on speed dates with their ladies and then choose 5 each to invite back to their farms.

We also got the first kisses of the season: Farmer Bert and Caity, Farmer Joe and Claire, and Farmer Tom and Krissy.

Episode 1:
The initial episode of Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 introduced us to this year’s Farmers: Bert, Dean, Dustin, Joe and Tom.

Then Farmer Bert, Farmer Dean and Farmer Dustin met their ‘contestants’ and went on speed dates with each of them. The three Farmers then had to choose 5 women each to invite back to their respective farms.

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