Farmer Wants A Wife Insider Exposes Surprising Casting Secrets: ‘Not As Sinister As It Sounds’


Farmer Wants a Wife is underway for another year with eager viewers tuning in to see what Australia’s most successful dating show has in store this season. Known for being a more wholesome watch than Married at First Sight, the series has resulted in nine marriages, seven relationships and 21 children.

However, a production insider has exclusively told Yahoo Lifestyle that the current season could be a little more explosive, with “Two ‘Farmers’ quitting the show early and more tears and tantrums from the women than any MAFS dinner party.”

“What is usually the MAFS antidote after Easter is going to be a B&S Ball from hell in the best way possible,” says the source.

The insider also shared some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets about the audition process which might surprise fans of the show.

The audition process

If you’re curious about how the Farmer’s matches are found, the production insider told Yahoo Lifestyle how it all plays out explaining that after the written application has been sent to producers, those who are successful are thrown together for group auditions in their capital city.

“At this stage, the girls sign their first NDA,” the insider reveals.”There is very little you can tell your friends and family until the shoot is over! We often hear that girls inform their family they are going on a holiday to Bali.”

According to the insider, the girls who are the most specific about one farmer get moved to the front of the list.

“We don’t want everyone going for the Farmer Bert type,” they explain. “Even though you will often get more applications for one farmer over another. At this point, all women will meet with the executive producer, and psychologist and have their police/medical checks. This process is usually completed a month before filming.”

Cast to fill a “character” role

The insider explains that the interactive auditions are key in helping the producers determine the girls’ personality traits so they can plot their storylines. To that end, the producers will figure out how the women will interact socially with each other, which ones are “feisty”, who will speak up in uncomfortable situations and who will be quick to cry. These points also help the story producer determine how long they will be in the show.


“We usually know who the farmers will pick before the show starts filming,” the insider reveals. “Of course, we can be surprised but the girls are cast to fill a character role and that helps us shoot the show.”

The insider continued, “The most important thing to establish in a group audition is how audible each of the girls is and if they will follow simple producer instructions. It is not as sinister as it sounds but you do need to establish if the girls are willing to be vulnerable and can be pliable.”

Production begins

While the show is not entirely scripted, the producers do prompt every moment along the way with talking points to help the girls – as is the norm for most reality shows. “The shoot is long but very micromanaged,” the insider told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Quite often when the one-on-one dates are happening and the contestants are naturally talking, producers tell them their conversations are not interesting enough,” the source says. “Which is when the producers will tell them exactly what to say.”

According to the insider, the phrase “THIS IS NOT GOOD CONTENT” is often heard throughout production communication devices when the cameras are rolling with producers saying things like, “Stop him from talking about footy scores” and “No one cares where she bought that dress from.”

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