‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Megan Lay Shares Boyfriend Update


While Megan Lay didn’t walk away arm in arm with Ty Ferrell she let fans know she was moving on. After wrapping up Farmer Wants A Wife, Megan debriefed about her experience with Ty. Then she let fans know she was seeing someone new. Now, she is sharing a boyfriend update.

Megan Lay’s Pride Was Bruised

During the finale of Farmer Wants A Wife, Megan Lay was blindsided by the shocking rejection from Ty Ferrell. While he says he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, he recognizes that he did. Undeniably, she was hit unexpectedly by the “friend zone” during the very moment she thought he was going to ask her to take their relationship to the next level.

While her pride was hurt by not realizing his heart wasn’t in it, they made amend and she kept moving forward. After the close of Season 2, Megan showed the world her new boyfriend, Joe Glennon. Now she offers an update.

Megan Lay Shares Boyfriend Update

On Megan Lay’s Instagram page, she gives fans an update about how it is going with her boyfriend. First, she posted two photos and captions: “A fun weekend celebrating a wonderful couple 🤍.” In the photos, she squeezes in tight next to her beau. He wore an off-white suit with a baby blue tie and matching flower lapel. But Megan was sporting a gorgeous long black dress with a thigh slit and matching black lace-up heels. Additionally, they were both wearing beautiful smiles to crown the occasion. Standing next to one another, their body language shows they are comfortable being close. She gently lays her hand on his stomach and his arm wraps around her back. Likewise, her boyfriend, Joe Glennon, was part of the wedding party and she was an honored plus one for the big event.

  • Notably, one Farmer Wants A Wife fan says, “Yall look much better together then you and farmer TY!”

Fans Send Their Comments

After Megan Lay posted her wedding weekend celebration, Farmer Wants A Wife fans were complimentary of the budding couple.

  • Then, one fan says, “I love to see this. You deserve somebody who chooses you!❤️”
  • “You look AMAZING. Y’all are a great looking couple.”
  • “You look beautiful! You are a class act beautiful inside and out! Hopefully you have found true love and happiness!”
  • “It’s not fair how gorgeous you are 😘.”
  • Additionally, someone believes it didn’t work with Ty Ferrell for a reason. “See god had a better plan.”
  • “Beautiful picture Megan. You look so happy in these pictures. Hope he knows what a special lady he’s with.”
  • “You are stunning!! Love that you’re so happy!!”
  • “So happy you have someone. You look gorgeous by the way.”

What do you think about Megan Lay’s update with her boyfriend? Do you think things are getting more serious between them? Are you ready for Farmer Wants A Wife Season 3? Send us your comments below.


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