Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sarah Breaks Silence On Split Rumours: ‘Crying’


Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sarah Carey has responded to rumours that she is no longer with her partner Joe Bobbin following intense scrutiny from fans.

Shortly after Farmer Joe chose to pursue a relationship with the 31-year-old livestock administrator during Tuesday night’s episode, viewers took to social media to express their disappointment with his decision.

“I’m boycotting. Farmer Joe has ruined this for me,” one fan posted on X (formerly Twitter), while another user bluntly declared, “You f**ked up Joe”.

Sarah has now confirmed that she and Joe are still together and shared her candid reaction to the negative response from viewers during the finale.

“I was quite emotional and upset, there was a fair bit of trolling,” she told “So that was probably one of the hardest times of my life, if I’m honest.

“I got to the end of it and quite honestly I was crying on the phone to Joe.”

Sarah added that in addition to being “so upset” by the negativity on social media, she’s also had people come up to her in public and say: “I am surprised he chose you.”

Post-show, Sarah is splitting her time between Joe’s farm in Bombala, NSW and her home in Queensland where her dog lives. She’s also started a new position working on the Snowy Hydro Project, which is just a short distance from Joe’s farm.

“Joe and I are trying to navigate our new relationship, it’s all so new,” she shared, adding that she hopes fans can “lead with kindness” and “be kind”.

“We’re trying to turn down the noise and focus on the happy messages.”

Joe defends Sarah following finale

Sarah’s comments come shortly after Joe defended his new partner from the harsh criticism she’s received and spoke out about online trolls.

“I feel really sorry for Sarah, she’s been copping it a fair bit,” he told The Canberra Times.

“It’s funny, people want you to go on these shows to find love and to find happiness and be in a partnership and when you do, everyone just wants to turn against you and say, ‘It’s fake’ or ‘You shouldn’t have done that, you should have chosen someone else’ and try to ruin it.”

The cattle and sheep farmer went on to admit that the backlash has made it “just that much harder” for their relationship to work, but he’s received some helpful advice from someone who went through a similar experience.

“I did talk to a previous contestant on the show, trying to get some advice, not my friend Andrew [Guthrie], but another farmer and he said, ‘Everyone thinks your relationship starts when you make your decision, but your relationship doesn’t start, it can’t start, until after it’s finished airing’,” he detailed.

“Once the airing stops, when the noise dies down, that’s when it actually starts. I think that’s probably pretty good advice.”

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