Farmer Wants A Wife’s Unsuccessful Farmers Speak Out!


Their happy ever after was over before it began. – by New Idea team

Farmer Wants A Wife might like to bill itself as the ‘true love’ alternative to Married At First Sight – but that hasn’t stopped the reality show from giving three eligible bachelors the boot!

When producers put the call-out for the 2024 season, eight farmers were named in the line-up.

Ladies were able to apply for all of them, however, only five of the blokes made it to the final cut – Tom, Bert, Joe, Dustin and Dean.

This left the initially announced Zac, Todd and Nick to return to their properties and their single lives.

“This is the typical format of the show,” explains a TV insider. “Every year they announce more farmers than what actually makes it to air.”

Despite all the farmers knowing they risked not making it through when they were cast, our insider maintains Zac, 28, Nick, 22, and Todd, 33, are probably gutted that their quests for romance were cut short.

“They really did want to find love,” said the source. “Maybe they’ll be recast next year – or maybe they will get lucky all by themselves! They’re all incredible catches.”

Even though Cupid’s arrow bypassed him this time, pragmatic Zac is trying to remain optimistic.


In a profile with Greater SA last month, the cattle and crop farmer from Strathalbyn confessed that “some things just aren’t meant to be”.

Zac remains hopeful that he’ll eventually find his soulmate. He described his ideal spouse as being “someone who is honest, hardworking, down to earth”.

Zac also told Greater SA he would like her to have a “similar level of craziness” as him, and her “own independence”.

For Nick, he has had the show in his sights for three years. Despite his young age, the third-generation dairy farmer from Victor Harbour, SA, is eager to start a family.

In 2021, he confessed “if push comes to shove, I’ll give Farmer Wants A Wife a call” in order to make it happen.

As for the third ‘missing’ farmer, Todd considers himself be to be “a bit of a catch”. When applications opened last year, the cattle rancher from Baan Baa, NSW filmed a promotional video that Channel Seven shared online – as did all the farmers.

“Getting married and having kids, that’s definitely on my things to do,” Todd said in it. “All my mates are married and have got kids. I really want that in my life.”

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