Home And Away’s Tane Parata To Make A Big Mistake In Baby Storyline


Tane found a baby in a bag on the beach recently, and after refusing to leave her side in the hospital, announced his decision to try and become the primary caregiver for child, who he has nicknamed Maia.

In scenes set to air this week (via TV Week), Harper turns up at the hospital and hands Tane the day’s newspaper and apologises. As he opens it, he learns an article has been written about him, calling him “obsessed” with the child.

It turns out that Harper’s sister Dana was tricked by a journalist into answering questions and had her words put into this scathing article.

With his character under attack, on top of all of the pressure of the baby’s health, Tane is understandably on edge. But when the same journalist turns up the hospital and looks to expand the story, Tane’s temper takes over and he lashes out.


He manages to get the journalist to leave, but not without receiving a formal complaint first.

Will that lead to even more negative stories about him, and will it get in the way of him becoming Maia’s caregiver?

Tane’s friends have previously shared concern about him, worrying that he is pouring all his time into this baby in order to get over the end of his marriage.

Tane actor Ethan Browne said: “He’s trying to figure out what to do with himself, but he’s doing very well and the future is looking hopeful.

“He wants the best for this baby and to make sure she’s placed in a proper home and care. He can’t help but feel responsible for her, as he found her.”

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