Jennifer Flavin Stallone Wondered ‘Who I Am’ Amid Empty Nest Woes Before Separation From Sylvester Stallone


“I don’t really know what I like,” Sylvester Stallone’s wife said on Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Family Stallone,’ as their youngest daughter Scarlet moved out to settle into her own place

Scarlet Stallone had the best moving team around — her older sisters Sophia and Sistine and mom Jennifer Flavin — when she moved into her own apartment ahead of the start of the new semester.

But after Jennifer and daughters Sophia, 26, and Sistine, 24, left 20-year-old Scarlet to settle in on Wednesday’s episode of The Family Stallone, the mother of three lamented becoming an empty nester.

“I was thinking about Scarlet,” Jennifer, 54, told her two eldest daughters. “My greatest joy in life is being a mom and her being the last to move out, it’s really, really difficult for me and I’m having a really hard time.”

She continued, “I just have to figure out who I am now because I don’t really know what I like to do because all I like to do is be your mom.”

After Scarlet moved out, Jennifer filed for divorce from her husband Sylvester Stallone on Aug. 19, 2022. (They reconciled the next month.)

“For me being an empty nester now, this is a real tricky time in my life,” Jennifer said in an on-camera interview. “It’s the first time I’ve had to really look deep into my heart and figure out what I like doing.”

Jennifer brainstormed with her daughters on some possible hobbies she could pick up. “I never played golf or played tennis or deep-sea fishing,” she said. “I don’t know, I don’t even know what I like. I don’t even know.”


Later in the episode, Jennifer, Sophia and Sistine tried their hand at fishing.

Meanwhile, Sylvester, 76, missed out on Scarlet’s move because he’d been filming Tulsa King. The actor tried giving Scarlet a call from set to touch base, but caught her on her way out the door.

“One of the most frustrating things in the world for a parent I think is when you call your child, they’re too busy to talk to you,” Sylvester said in a confessional interview. “They’re somewhere else. They’ve fallen off the planet. You don’t know. And it drives me crazy because I tried to instill that in Scarlet from the beginning, and obviously, it bounced off.”

Sylvester regretted missing Scarlet’s big move. “I thought Tulsa King would be not hard at all, but it’s been six months in Oklahoma,” he told the cameras. “I don’t want to be away anymore. I feel as though I’ve missed so much, such as Scarlet moving out. It hurts.”

As a result, Sylvester paid Scarlet a surprise visit.

“I was doing Tulsa King and I was feeling very guilt-ridden,” Sylvester told Scarlet at her apartment.

She tried to put him at ease. “You don’t have to feel bad,” Scarlet said to her dad. “This is your job.”

Still, the Rambo star felt bad. “I think it’s important to really cherish these days,” he replied. “You want to spend your time currency where it matters, which is here.”

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