Katie Maloney’s VPR Reunion Look Is So “Hot Fire” Even Her Mom Has Thoughts


The Vanderpump Rules cast member detailed why she chose her body-hugging metallic Retrofête dress.

Katie Maloney has two words for her Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion dress: “hot fire.”

The brunette beauty said as much backstage while speaking with BravoTV.com for an exclusive interview ahead of the sit-down with her castmates. She shared more details about her stunning Retrofête dress and overall look, noting she wanted “something iconic” for the occasion.

Katie Maloney reveals why she picked her silver VPR Season 11 reunion dress

“I was going for something that I felt really comfortable in and confident in and hot,” Katie shared with us while getting ready. “I wanted to just be hot fire.”

When it came to describing her look in three words, Katie hit the nail on the head with her descriptions, saying, “Sex, silver, boobs,” with a laugh.

Additionally, we couldn’t get enough of the sandwich shop co-owner’s gorgeous glam, which consisted of sparkly eyeshadow, a perfect cat eye, and glossy lips (all of which she did herself!).

The look is so eye-catching that Katie’s mother, Teri Maloney, commented on the photo Katie shared via Instagram, writing, “You look amazing… absolutely gorgeous peanut!”

Ariana Madix and Lala Kent explain the inspiration behind their VPR Season 11 reunion dresses


In addition to Katie, we also got more details backstage from Ariana Madix, who dished on her stunningly sheer LaQuan Smith long-sleeved bodysuit and maxi skirt set.

“My reunion look today was chosen based on just what fit and what looked good!” Ariana shared with us. “There were a lot of things that came in that just didn’t fit so it’s gorgeous, I love it! But that [was also] a big factor.”

Moreover, Lala Kent noted how her second pregnancy played a huge role in putting her elegant reunion look together.

“I wanted all things whimsical and girly and feminine,” she shared with BravoTV.com of her beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown she paired with pointed Amina Mauddi heels. Lala had another word to describe her overall look: “Mothering.”

“I’m usually a heavy-hitter bad bitch,” Lala added. “[But] today I’m just feeling soft, which I kind of like it! I’m like, ‘Wait, is this what it’s like to feel feminine and soft and girly? We should lean into this more often!'”

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