Kevin Costner’s Horizon Movie Gets Major Update


Horizon: An American Saga will be rated R.

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga movie just got a major update. The film has received an R rating per MPA’s The R rating is cited for “violence, some nudity, and sexuality,” Currently, the film — which is set to be the first in a series of four films — does not yet have a release date. Production on the first film took place from August 2022 to November 2022.

Costner, who co-writes, produces, and directs the film, has previously described Horizon as a “passion project” and the story will span across 15 years, both before and after the Civil War expansion and settlement of the American West.

“America’s expansion into the west was one that was fraught with peril and intrigue from the natural elements to the interactions with the indigenous peoples who lived on the land, and the determination and at many times ruthlessness of those who sought to settle it,” Costner said in a statement at the time the project was first announced in January 2022. “‘Horizon’ tells the story of that journey in an honest and forthcoming way, highlighting the points of view and consequences of the characters’ life and death decisions.”

The film is set to have a huge cast including Costner, Jena Malone (Contact), Sienna Miller (American Sniper), Sam Worthington (Avatar), Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road), Giovanni Ribisi (Ted), Will Patton (Armageddon), Kathleen Quinlan (Apollo 13), Luke Wilson (Vacancy), Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), Thomas Haden Church (Sideways), Jamie Campbell Bower (Stranger Things), Alejandro Edda (Narcos: Mexico), Tanka Means (Killers of the Flower Moon), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy), Ella Hunt (Dickinson), Jeff Fahey (Wyatt Earp), Tom Payne (The Walking Dead), Wase Chief, Tim Guinee (The Walking Dead), Michael Angarano (Sky High), Colin Cunningham (Falling Skies), Scott Haze (Old Henry), Angus Macfadyen (Braveheart), Douglas Smith (Big Little Lies), Jon Beavers (Animal Kingdom), Owen Crow Shoe (Joe Pickett), Danny Huston (Yellowstone), Larry Bagby (Hocus Pocus), Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone), Hayes Costner, James Landry Hébert (1883), Dalton Baker (Yellowstone), Georgia MacPhail (Terrifier 2), Naomi Winders (Studio C), and Austin Archer (The Night Clerk).


Horizon is Reportedly Why Costner Left Yellowstone

Earlier this year, it was reported that Costner was leaving Yellowstone after Season 5 and, subsequently that Season 5 would be the series’ last. Series co-creator Taylor Sheridan spoke about Costner’s departure earlier this year and noted that he hopes that Horizon ends up being good.

“My opinion of Kevin as an actor hasn’t altered,” Sheridan said. “His creation of John Dutton is symbolic and powerful … and I’ve never had an issue with Kevin that he and I couldn’t work out on the phone. But once lawyers get involved, then people don’t get to talk to each other and start saying things that aren’t true and attempt to shift blame based on how the press or public seem to be reacting. He took a lot of this on the chin and I don’t know that anyone deserves it. His movie seems to be a great priority to him and he wants to shift focus. I sure hope [the movie is] worth it — and that it’s a good one.”

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