NCIS Season 21 Trailer Seemingly Teases Ducky Tribute Episode Following David McCallum’s D.eath


A new trailer for NCIS season 21 seemingly teases a Ducky tribute episode following David McCallum’s death in 2023, indicating what to expect next.

A new trailer for NCIS season 21 hints at a Ducky tribute episode following David McCallum’s death last year. The actor portrayed the medical examiner from season 1 of the show, his last appearance happening in season 20l. McCallum died in September 2023, making how the series would pay homage to his work on the show a mystery.

Now, NCISverse has released a new trailer that hints at a tribute to Ducky and McCallum in the forthcoming NCIS season 21.


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Star Sean Murray presented a trailer that teases plenty of action for the team, but also features a brief voiceover from McCallum. A clip presented during the moment sees Jimmy Palmer getting emotional, hinting at a possibly heavy sendoff for Ducky.

NCIS Won’t Be The Same Without Ducky

McCallum had been a main cast member on the procedural series since 2003, making his loss hit hard for longtime viewers. In recent seasons, Ducky hadn’t been on NCIS as much, appearing infrequently as the years went on. However, his presence was always important to the show, as he was the last remaining team member who had been a main character during season 1.


While Palmer as well as Tim McGee were recurring characters in season 1, Ducky embodied the spirit of the original cast from season 1. His absence means there will be a hole in the team left unfilled, which the NCIS cast will have to heal from. Since it appears an entire episode will be dedicated to the character, it will no doubt be a tribute to the actor as well.

With the dynamics of the team no doubt changing from this real-world loss, NCIS is liable to honor McCallum’s dedication to the show with reverence. However, nobody will ever be able to replicate his character’s presence in the show, making it a loss for both those close to him and the series’ viewers. The series will no doubt present a memorable sendoff for Ducky – and for the actor who portrayed him.

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