NCIS Season 22 Release, Cast & Everything We Know


NCIS is quickly prepping for its Season 22 release behind a veteran cast of characters.

Since its debut in 2003, NCIS has remained strong, becoming one of the 10 longest-running scripted U.S. primetime series in TV history (via Cosmopolitan).

The show has now had nearly 470 episodes. It features the Naval Criminal Investigative Service solving Navy-centric crimes and protecting the United States from all sorts of danger over the years.

When Will NCIS Season 22 Release?

Per Deadline, NCIS was officially renewed for the 2024-2025 broadcast season and will return for Season 22. The new TV broadcast season for all network series is expected to run between September 2024 and August 2025.

Previously, 19 of NCIS’ first 21 seasons started sometime in September. The only exceptions were Season 18 (due to delays induced by the COVID-19 pandemic) and Season 21 (brought on by 2023’s writers’ and actors’ strikes).

While it’s difficult to pick a specific date when NCIS will make its comeback, the new season is almost guaranteed to arrive sometime this September.

Who’s Cast in NCIS Season 22?

While NCIS has rotated through over a dozen actors in its leading cast over the years, Season 22 will bring back a core team fans are familiar with from the last few seasons.

Leading the way is Gary Cole’s Alden Parker, who took over Agent Gibbs’ position as team leader in Season 19. Since then, the former FBI Special Agent has served as a primary point of focus and reference for his coworkers and friends.

Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee, who has served as second-in-command for the unit for nearly a decade, is also expected to return for his 22nd season of action.

The full list of cast members expected to return for NCIS Season 22 can be seen below:

  • Gary Cole – Alden Parker
  • Sean Murray – Timothy McGee
  • Wilmer Valderrama – Nick Torres
  • Brian Dietzen – Dr. Jimmy Palmer
  • Diona Reasonover – Kasie Hines
  • Rocky Carroll – Leon Vance

Season 21’s finale also left the future uncertain for Katrina Law’s Agent, Jessica Knight. At the end of the season, she was offered a new position that would force her to leave the team.


Law spoke with TV Line about that potential move, only saying, “Better tune in for that season opener!” when asked about a return for Season 22. Showrunner

This will also be the second full season without David McCallum’s Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, as McCallum passed away before the start of Season 21.

What Will Happen in NCIS Season 22?

Fans’ biggest lingering question after Season 21 is what will happen with Jessica Knight, who may leave the team after being offered a position as REACT’s chief training officer at Camp Pendleton in southern California.

This affects Brian Dietzen’s Dr. Jimmy Palmer more than anybody as he breaks off his relationship with her, leaving him to care for his teenage daughter, Victoria, alone.

After helping save Alden Parker’s life following a bad leg injury, she and Palmer made up as he apologized for his outburst. However, she still took the job, leaving the team short one member as the show approaches Season 22.

Star Sean Murray also spoke with People about what to expect in Season 22, which comes after Season 21 saw the 1,000th episode from the shows in the NCIS franchise.

Admitting that “no one is quite safe” after his 21 years on the show, he still enjoys his time on NCIS and noted that he never knows exactly “what’s going to happen:”

“I think we learned this with things that have happened on the show over the years… No one is quite safe. Obviously, being here 21 years, [I] have enjoyed, immensely, being a part of this show and continue to be incredibly grateful to be a part of this show, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

The first 21 seasons of NCIS are streaming on Paramount+. Season 22 is expected to air on CBS this fall.

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