Proof Farmer Wants A Wife Is FAKE: Participant Left Furious After Producers Gutted His Family Home To Make It TV-Worthy As He Reveals More Behind-The-Scenes Edits


A participant from Farmer Wants A Wife has been left fuming after producers ‘pulled apart’ his family home and replaced the furniture to make it more TV-worthy.

Farmer Todd recently joined the series as a new candidate looking for love and has been exploring potential romantic connections on his farm in Baan Baa, NSW.

However, a friend of Todd’s has now exclusively revealed behind-the-scenes filming secrets to Daily Mail Australia, explaining how the show overhauled his family farmhouse for the show.

They claimed producers replaced all the furniture in Todd’s home with hired items and ‘pulled apart’ the décor, leaving his family unimpressed.

The source went on to claim producers also suggested painting his walls, but Todd put his foot down and insisted they couldn’t.

‘The shoot is long and the invasion of your life is almost intolerable,’ Todd’s friend revealed.

‘Todd had producers in their family home pulling apart his décor and that was just on day one, I don’t think his mum was too happy at that stage.’

‘The production team decided the farm was not the look they wanted and gutted the entire house of its furniture and replaced it with hired stuff,’ a source close to the family said.

‘They then wanted to paint the walls and that was when Farmer Todd stood in and said ‘That is enough!’

The friend also claimed the scenes where Todd introduced his romantic interests to his friends took 10 hours to film, despite only featuring on screen for a few moments.

‘They had us playing games and having a great time (at the local pub) but when it came to what you saw on TV we were tired and wanted to go home,’ they said.

They also insisted that they were made out to be TV villains in the scenes as they criticised the final edit, which left viewers shocked.

The brutal scenes saw Todd’s friends tell him that he should look elsewhere for love as they shared their doubts over his connection with Daisy Lamb.

‘I think she might be fun for right now, but not long term,’ one mate told the farmer, adding she was not a good match because she had recently got divorced.

‘I don’t feel like she’s the right pick for you as a wife and as a mother to your children. I just find her very strong, feisty, clash heads with kind of girl, has that masculine vibe.’

However, Todd’s friends are laughing the edit off as one pal said: ‘Luckily in rural areas we don’t really take ourselves too seriously.’


Todd also hinted that things weren’t quite as they appeared on screen as he insisted the meeting between Daisy and his friends was more positive than it seemed.

‘It didn’t quite exactly come across the way it was meant to,’ he told Refinery29. ‘It seemed a lot harsher the way it was put together on screen.

‘During the conversation with my cousin and his wife…. there were jokes and laughter and they did get along.’

Despite the challenges of filming, a source close to Todd insisted that he wouldn’t change his decision to take part in the Channel Seven dating show.

‘The good outweighs the bad being on a show like this – you just have to know what you are signing up for,’ they said.

‘Farmer Todd has walked away with a great experience and wouldn’t change his decision to go on the show.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Seven for comment.

Todd is currently dating Daisy, Iyesha, Grace, Jacinta and Ellen on his farm in a bid to find the love of his life.

Daisy has proven a solid love match for Todd as they have quickly formed a close connection, but she has also slammed the ‘disgraceful’ editing of the show.

She claimed viewers were given the ‘wrong’ idea about what happened in the family and friends’ meetings as she claimed the ‘disappointing’ final scenes made her ‘sad’.

Daisy left Todd’s mother taken aback when she admitted she might already be ‘in love’ with the farmer despite it still being early on in the dating stages.

Addressing the scenes, she told Yahoo!: ‘Unfortunately, the editing in this series is disappointing and disgraceful (to say the least) and has given viewers the wrong idea of what happened, who I am and how the whole experience with Todd played out.

‘The other girls had plenty of time, we all had opportunity to speak with him and spend time alone with him and it’s sad that, what could have been an amazing story, has been turned into something so foul.’

‘Keep shining your light guys,’ she added.

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